Who Is Michelle Lodzinski From Florida And Where Is She Today?


Michelle Lodzinski is most popular as the mother of a 5-year-old youngster who was killed.

Timothy William “Timmy” Wiltsey was a 5-year-old youngster from South Amboy, New Jersey, who disappeared from a festival in adjoining Sayreville on May 25, 1991, as indicated by his mom, Michelle Lodzinski.


Wiltsey was not tracked down when police looked through the region where the celebration was put. His bones were recuperated across the Raritan River in the marshlands of neighboring Edison, close to an office park where Lodzinski had recently worked, around 11 months after the fact.

Michelle Lodzinski Wikipedia Michelle Lodzinski’s life story still can’t seem to be remembered for Wikipedia’s true source, in contrast to that of her child Timothy William “Timmy” Wiltsey.

In any case, some data about Michelle might be found on Timmy’s wiki page.

Additionally, Michelle Lodzinski of Laurence Harbor, New Jersey, met George Wiltsey when she was 16 years of age and the two began dating not long after.

Lodzinski got back to her home with her young man a half year in the wake of conceiving an offspring since his dad had become forceful. Wiltsey was oftentimes watched by Lodzinski’s companions, family members, or expert sitters. She later arranged the vanishing of her own child, who was subsequently found dead.

Florida Mom Update Today The instance of Lodzinski was considered by the New Jersey Supreme Court in 2021.

The excess judges were tied after Chief Justice Stuart Rabner recused himself, leaving her latest allure, which certified her conviction, set up.

The Court was persuaded to embrace a sometimes utilized guideline that permits a rehearing with an alternate adjudicator who is briefly assigned as an equity to hear the case to settle on a choice.

A slight greater part of the court dissolved her conviction toward the year’s end, deciding that the proof was insufficient for a sensible jury to convict her.

Michelle Lodzinski Son: Timothy Wiltsey Murder In the span of a month of her child’s kidnapping, she changed her anecdote about how he disappeared, and with her dispassionate way on the couple of events she discussed the case, she turned into a suspect.

Later in the ten years, she was sentenced for creating her own abducting and afterward taking a PC from a past boss, building up the popular’s assessment of her.

Examiners didn’t charge her until the 2010s, by which time she had remarried, brought forth two additional youngsters, and moved to Florida, where she was trapped in 2014.

Wiltsey’s bones were found crumbled to such an extent that the reason for death couldn’t be recognized, and nobody other than Lodzinski had seen him in quite a while, making it challenging to interface her to any bad behavior or pinpoint when and how it happened.