Who Is Mohamed Konate? Rapper Lil Tjay Was Shot During Attempted Robbery

Mohamed Konate is the superb suspect in the Lil Tjay shooting occurrence. He purportedly shot the rapper during an endeavored burglary.

Firearm savagery in America has turned into a significant issue in the country. Indeed, even known rappers and famous people get enveloped with such violations at times.


Something comparable happened to rapper 21 years of age Lil Tjay, also known as Tione Merritt, this week. The ‘Run it up’ vocalist almost lost his life after a 12 PM shooting binge.

Who is Mohamed Konate? Mohamed Konate is the supposed shooter of Lil Tjay.

As per surfacing reports, Rapper Tjay, alongside his two companions, was taken shots at a retail plaza in Edgewater. The episode happened simply past Wednesday 12 PM.

During the underlying examination, the Bergen County authorities closed the wrongdoing could be an instance of endeavored burglary. Additionally, they likewise captured the thought criminal soon after.

Mohamed Konate is the 27-year-advanced age man of the principal suspect. Born on April 13, 1995, Konate is an inhabitant of 75 La Salle Street, Apt. 20A in New York. The authoritative records show he is unmarried and single during the hour of the capture.

He is currently having to deal with various penalties, including endeavored murder, equipped burglary, and weapons offenses.

Lil Tjay Shot During Attempted Robbery Obviously, Konate shot Lil Tjay on various occasions during the Wednesday episode.

The authorities later uncovered that one casualty was raced to the medical clinic in basic condition. Fortunately, the condition was subsequently declared stable. In like manner, different casualties were saved in medical clinic for minor wounds.

Other than Mohamed, Jeffrey Valdez and Antoine Boyd were likewise captured at the scene. The last two, who are companions were Lil Tjay, were tracked down possessing unlawful weapons.

Be that as it may, Konate most certainly has to deal with the most noteworthy penalties. He faces first-degree endeavored murder and three counts of first-degree equipped theft. Moreover, he has likewise been accused of second-degree ownership of a weapon for an unlawful reason and fourth-degree disturbed attack.

He was arrested by analysts for additional cross examination. The case is at present forthcoming in New Jersey.

Public Reaction after the Incident General society went wild not long after the shooting news emerged. Particularly, Lil Tjay’s fans were vigorously upset by the circumstance.

One Twitter client named Goldberg stated, “can’t really accept that they got to Lil Tjay. I was paying attention to him prior to hearing as well, so it moves a temperament”.

Another client tweeted, “Currently lost Pop Smoke, can’t stand to lose Lil Tjay, man….”. While certain clients are confident about the rapper’s recuperation. A client posted, “Lil tjay is going to drop a “numerous men” remix when he’s in a good place again.”

Lil Tjay Wikipedia states the rapper is a local of Bronx, New York. It is assessed that Lil Tjay’s total assets is around $600 million USD. Additionally, he rose into conspicuousness with melodies like Calling My Phone, In My Head, and Pop Out.

The rapper has proactively gone under a medical procedure to treat his injuries. We trust that he will recuperate very soon.

Nonetheless, the authorities have not delivered any authentic photograph of Mohamed Kante. Mohamed will stay free of guilt by default.