Who is Natasha Dach? Apple employee faces backlash over anti-semitic post

Natasha Dach’s disputable remarks via online entertainment have started public shock
Apple is yet to give an authority articulation in regards to Dach’s assertions
Dach’s presence in Istanbul has added intricacy to the continuous debate

Natasha Dach, an Apple worker, has gone under investigation for late remarks she made via web-based entertainment, creating a ruckus and raising worries among the general population.


Dach, who hails from Germany and right now dwells in Istanbul, Turkey, has confronted reaction for articulations saw as hostile.

Who is Natasha Dach?

In a progression of questionable posts, Dach seemed to offer expressions that many have seen as profoundly upsetting. She referred to her German legacy and implied information on Jewish individuals, addressing delicate points in an Instagram story , saying “for the couple of zionists on my rundown that unfollowed me or plan to haha, u folks in some cases fail to remember that I am a glad German! I KNOW WHO YOU Truly ARE: Killers AND Cheats.”

“You slip into nations, take people groups lives, occupations, homes, roads, push them, menace them, torment them. Furthermore, when individuals follow up on it, you call it illegal intimidation.

You are doing this for ages. Intrusion is the main thing you are prepared to do. You are the main psychological militants, and history will take note of that, this time!!,” she proceeded.

These assertions, shared on a public stage, have drawn analysis and started shock, with numerous clients communicating their interests straightforwardly to Apple.

Apple presently can’t seem to give an authority proclamation in regards to the discussion, yet popular assessment has been clear in its judgment of Dach’s remarks. The organization is probably going to confront strain to resolve the issue and make a proper move because of the public kickback.

Istanbul has been a point of convergence for ongoing conventions and exhibits connecting with the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. Rallies and gatherings on the side of the Palestinian reason have occurred in the city, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been clearly in his analysis of Israel.

Dach’s presence in Istanbul might uplift the examination of her perspectives, really when the city has been at the focal point of overall consideration because of its part in Israeli-Palestinian issue conversations. It is not yet clear the way that her area will go into the continuous discussion about her way of behaving, and how it will impact her situation at Apple and her general proficient standing.