Who is Nicha, Jo Lindner aka Joesthetics girlfriend?

Jo Lindner, otherwise called Joesthetics, had a sweetheart named Nicha who shared his commitment to wellness
They partook in a cheerful and steady relationship, reported through their online entertainment posts
Unfortunately, Jo Lindner died, abandoning loved recollections of their time together

Jo Lindner, prominently known as Joesthetics, was a darling German wellness powerhouse and muscle head who unfortunately died, leaving his fans and the wellness local area in grieving. While Jo’s energetic presence and commitments to the wellness world will be profoundly missed, many are interested about his own life, especially his sweetheart.


Joesthetics had never authoritatively revealed the personality of his better half, keeping his heartfelt life somewhat hidden. Nonetheless, brief looks into his own life can be found on his Instagram account.

Who is Nicha, Jo Lindner’s better half?

On August fourth, Jo Lindner transferred a video labeling an individual named Nicha, indicating a likely relationship.

Nicha, known as @immapeaches on Instagram, has almost 102k supporters and offers Jo’s energy for wellbeing and wellness. She every now and again posted pictures exhibiting her exercises and keeping up with her physical prosperity.

Nicha’s Instagram feed incorporates a few photographs with Jo, giving affirmation that she was to be sure Joesthetics’ sweetheart. Their common minutes caught in these photos portray a couple who seemed cheerful and strong of one another.

The death of Jo Lindner has without a doubt left a void in the existences of the people who knew him by and by and his committed supporters. While the subtleties of his relationship with Nicha might stay private, it is apparent that their bond gave pleasure and joy to both of their lives.

As the wellness local area grieves the deficiency of Joesthetics, they additionally send their sympathies to Nicha and Jo’s friends and family during this troublesome time. Jo’s positive effect on the wellness business and his moving excursion will be for all time recalled, and his memory will live on through the inheritance he abandons.