Who Is Noh Salleh? Wife Mizz Nina Divorce Video Surfaces On Reddit and Twitter

Noh Salleh, a Malaysian vocalist, goes into contention with the arrival of his questionable video. Because of the new conversations, he purportedly has a strained relationship with his significant other, Mizz Nina.

Salleh rose to noticeable quality as an individual from the Rock Band, Hujan. With the band, he has delivered six strike collections and renowned melodies like Aku Skandal, Kotak Hati, Bunga di Telinga, Pagi Yang Gelap, Angin Kencang, and some more.


The vocalist has additionally chipped away at a few independent EP projects like Angin Kencang and Debu Bercahaya. Watch: Noh Salleh’s Video Trends On Twitter and Reddit An improper video featuring the Malaysian artist Noh Salleh has turned into a web sensation on the Internet.

The clasp shows the Hujan vocalist and a woman being cozy. The specific video has not shown the unquestionable essence of Salleh. Nonetheless, fans unequivocally concur that the voice they hear is of the Malaysian artist.

The video seems, by all accounts, to be moving on Twitter, Reddit, and web clients, who all have various considerations about it. While certain people are assuming the best about him, a specific gathering is hopeful that the individual in it is him.

The fanatics of Salleh are making assortments of remarks with regards to this issue. One client has said: ‘The reviling pack of columnists posed Noh Salleh an inquiry last week, however today, are you mistaken searching for the video?, hahaha’ Another client says: ‘I got the le*** video however I recollect Noh Hujan, it seems to be Noh Salleh.’

Confidential minutes on the Internet are at this point not secure. As of late, a few programmers have made private recordings of famous people accessible for modest cash and to ruin them. It is suggested that each client not film such content or keep it on advanced gadgets.

Are Noh Salleh and His Wife Mizz Nina On The Verge of Divorcing? The new unequivocal video of Noh Salleh has likewise started a separation gossip. Individuals are saying that the vocalist could get a separation after this.

Assuming the video ends up right, Salleh will be faulted for betraying his significant other, Mizz Nina, and who knows, the circumstance might prompt their partition.

Salleh has proactively tended to the circumstance and completely invalidated all allegations against him. Then again, he chose to conceal the remark area subsequent to getting an excessive number of disdainful remarks on his Instagram.

An individual as of late professed to have a video of Salleh betraying his better half. Be that as it may, the video he shared is still under hypothesis in light of the fact that not all things match with the Hujan vocalist.

The client guaranteed the Sarawakian vocalist undermined Mizz Nina by utilizing a screen capture of an individual by the handle @kittendusty. Following the disclosure, there were hypotheses about it, and certain individuals felt that the person being referred to had intentionally “faked the story” to hurt the couple’s proficient and individual lives.

Who Is Noh Salleh? Noh Salleh is an acclaimed artist lyricist, performer, and record maker. He is the frontman of the Malaysian musical crew, Hujan. alleh was born on the fifteenth of March, 1985, in Kuching. He was brought up in Miri and later made Kuala Lumpur his home.

The melodic craftsman started his vocation as a right hand in a recording studio claimed by Ahmad Idham. In 2005, he turned into an establishing individual from Hujan alongside the band’s guitarist AG Coco. The band’s most memorable collection Hujan got delivered in 2008 and made great many deals.

Salleh got drawn in to Mizz Nina, otherwise known as Shazrina Azman, a Malaysian vocalist, and TV star, on the sixth of November, 2010. They wedded in July 2011. Following 11 years of marriage, Salleh and Nina became guardians to a child kid named Musa in March 2022.