Who Is Noname Trapper? Dave Chappelle Attacker Identified As A Rapper

Raffstar and Plumbo are two of his most notable tunes. He additionally possesses the mark Beyond Billion Records.

On June 24, 1998, Noname catcher was born Isaiah Arias Lee in Brooklyn, New York. Bliss Chatel, his grandma, embraced him when he was a child. At 16 years old, Noname catcher migrated to Los Angeles, California. After the passing of his caring grandma, he moved to Los Angeles.


Who Is Noname Trapper And Why Is He Famous All Of Sudden The 23-year-old claimed aggressor, Noname Trapper, whose genuine name is Isaiah Lee, is a self-portrayed rapper who goes by the moniker NoName Trapper. On Spotify, he has a tune called Dave Chapelle from his 2020 collection.

He likewise has a sizable web-based entertainment following, with 32k supporters and only 80 individuals he follows, one of them is Dave. He imparted an odd video of himself to a channel that gave him a draining nose and fallen angel horns a day or two ago.

Lee surged and handled Dave when he was in front of an audience at The Hollywood Bowl Tuesday night, supposedly employing a fake weapon and blade, as we recently detailed.

Subsequent to enduring a hard shot and imploding, Dave Chapelle’s crew came in and gave the person a genuine beating.

Did Noname Trapper Attacked Dave Chappelle On A Live Show The Hollywood Bowl execution of Dave Chappelle Tuesday night stopped when Noname Trapper raged the stage and attacked the jokester, which was made much more startling by the way that the man waved a firearm.

A man in the audience got in front of an audience close to the furthest limit of Dave’s show, which was important for the Netflix Is A Joke occasion, and abused him, handling him forcefully and crushing him on the hard stage.

As per TMZ, the attacker really pointed the firearm at Chappelle while hurrying him. The firearm, we’re told, wasn’t genuine; it was a self-loader copy. It was likewise unusually outfitted with a blade.

Insights regarding Noname Trapper Jail Sentence And Mugshot Noname Trapper was pummeled and accused of criminal attack with a destructive weapon. He’s presently being hung on an obligation of $30,000.

The brother of the Noname Trapper, who was captured for attacking Dave Chappelle in front of an audience at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, says he’s shocked by the episode and believes individuals should realize that his more youthful kin has battled with emotional well-being challenges and has been destitute.

Isaiah Lee raged the stage at the Netflix Is a Joke occasion on Tuesday night and handled the humorist before security mediated and the police came; he was likewise possessing a reproduction weapon that could release a blade cutting edge, as per reports.