Who Is Ortencia Alcantara? Kevin Samuels Was Identified By A Woman He Spent The Night With


Kevin Samuels, a YouTuber generally known for his contentious love counsel, has died, as per his mom. His passing was at first investigated online entertainment on Thursday night.

A genuinely new name has been coursing on the web after the insight about his dying. We should get to know what this’ identity is.


Who Is Ortencia Alcantara? Kevin Samuels’ Death And Her Connection Ortencia Alcantara is an attendant from the United States and has been collecting public consideration after she informed the police about her experience with virtual entertainment star Kevin Samuels daily before his passing.

After dailymail announced the news, netizens have been broadly looking through her personality; few claiming her of the YouTuber’s passing and others just needing to know reality. In any case, as of recently, the got data is that she took him to the clinic after Kevin needed clinical support.

According to the Atlanta police, Alcantara met Samuels and went through the night with him. She ID’d him as Kevin Samuels. From that point onward, he grumbled of chest agony, and fell on top of her, which settled on her decision 911. Whenever the authorities did mouth to mouth, he was lethargic.

The gave snippets of data are extremely less for the overall population to arrive at a resolution, thus, we should trust that a genuine source will concoct the subtleties that are approved.

Was Ortencia Alcantara Kevin Samuels’ Nurse? Noticing the idea of the case, Ortencia is by all accounts Kenvin’s medical attendant. She was available with him during his troublesome time and furthermore called the specialists when he whined about the chest torment.

Notwithstanding, there are many inquiries that why she picked the police force instead of the medical clinic at that point. With various inquiries emerging among individuals on the Internet, there are bits of hearsay going on that they may subtly date also.

Netizens are effectively looking in the event that Ortencia is Kevin’s better half. Twitter is loaded up with images and truly concerned tweets in regards to the character of the one who met Kevin a day prior to he died.

Kevin Samuels’ Death was Identified By His Mother After the appearance of 911, Alcantara requested that they bring a defibrillator as she was a medical attendant. He was then shipped to a close by medical clinic called Piedmont Hospital. That very day, Kevin died and it was uncovered by his mom Beverly.

The misfortune hit her awful and she has requested that everyone appeal to God for her.