Who is Ozkan Mustafa, owner of Ragman Sahaf bookstore in Istanbul, Turkey that displayed ‘Jews not allowed’ sign?

Ozkan Mustafa, proprietor of Ragman Sahaf book shop confronted quick analysis for the prejudicial demonstration
Ragmen Sahaf book shop in Istanbul, Turkey, showed a disputable sign perusing “Jews not permitted”
The episode underscored the significance of resistance despite social and political disturbance

The presentation of a sign perusing “Jews not permitted” by Ragmen Sahaf, a book shop in Istanbul, Turkey, has caused debate and judgment, especially in the midst of elevated pressures following Israel’s activities against Hamas.


Who is Ozkan Mustafa?

Ozkan Mustafa is the proprietor of Ragmen Sahaf book shop in Istanbul, Turkey. The book shop displyed “Jews not permitted” sign beyond his foundation.

The presence of the sign at Ragmen Sahaf has set off conversations on the expansion in worldwide enemy of Semitism and separation. Lamentably, the book shop’s activities are unlawful as well as bear likenesses to prejudicial practices seen during the 1930s in Nazi Germany.

This occurrence, happening in the outcome of Israel’s safeguarding strategies following regular citizen losses, has prompted far and wide consternation and anger around the world. Regardless of being a free activity, the presentation of the prejudicial sign has drawn fast analysis from different fairness and common liberties support gatherings.

Thus, this event has stressed the requirement for advancing inclusivity and resistance, especially during periods marked by uplifted political and social pressures.