Who Is Philly Officer Edsaul Mendoza And Is He Arrested? Thomas Siderio, 12, Shot To Death!


Edsaul Mendoza is a previous Philadephia official who has been captured on Sunday, May 1, 2022, for the principal degree murder of Thomas Siderio. Observe more about the shooting case.

Edsaul Mendoza was one of the four casually dressed cops who were subtly executed on a desire examination in regards to a gun burglary.


According to the BBC News, Edsaul pursued 12 years of age Thomas Siderio in a strategically unstable activity according to the police specialists who gave their assertion to the general population.

Edsaul and the other three officials defied Thomas Siderio and his 17 years of age companion. named NK for the situation record.

During their showdown, a shot was discharged at the back traveler window, during which, the two young men attempted to escape.

Office Edsaul discharged his shot and Thomas was unfortunately killed on the spot. Captured: Who Is Officer Edsaul Mendoza? Edsaul Mendoza was a Philadelphia cop and a piece of four casually dressed officials in the gun robbery examination of Thomas Siderio and his companion NK.

NK and Siderio were associated somewhat with the gun robbery that Edsaul and his group were fundamentally researching.

Whenever NK and Thomas fleed the scene, Edsaul sought after them and discharged three shots at Thomas. Thomas’ weapon or gun was at that point missing and sent 12 meters from the wrongdoing site.

Despite the fact that he realize that Thomas was only 12, had no gun to hurt him, and could be effectively captured, Edsaul Mendoza went after Thomas that struck him through his back and killed him.

Edsaul was quickly terminated by his Philadelphia office for his infringement of the utilization of police power and he was captured for first degree murder of a minor.

Official Edsaul Mendoza Arrested As Thomas Siderio Shot To Death Official Edsaul Mendoza from Philadelphia Police Department has been captured on Sunday, May 1, 2022, for his merciless shooting of 12 years of age Thomas Siderio during a foot pursue.

Thomas Siderio and his companion NK were being addressed for their association in a supposed gun robbery situation while a going amiss shot was discharged and the young men ran away from the area. Edsaul pursued Thomas and discharged three shots at him, the third one being deadly.

Official Edsaul Mendoza’s Wife And Family Details Surfed Not much has been shared around 26 years of age previous Philly official Edsaul Mendoza and his family subtleties to keep up with some protection in this fragile case.

Edsaul has been captured, terminated from his police work, and will before long face a court decision for his arraigned wrongdoing.