Who Is Pooja Singhal IAS Husband Abhishek Jha? Jharkhand Secretary In The Middle Of 17 Crore Raid


In an unlawful mining case, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has distinguished and designated IAS Pooja Singhal and her significant other, Abhishek Jha.

Pooja Singhal, a senior IAS official, and secretary of the mining and industry areas, was imprisoned broadly in a connected case that supposed unlawful mining.


As per starting reports from Ranchi, reviews are done at five different areas affecting private individuals said to be related with the IAS official.

The inquiries are being completed under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act at around 18 settings across Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and a couple of different states.

Who Is Pooja Singhal IAS Husband Abhishek Jha? Pooja Singhal IAS was hitched a second chance to her significant other, Abhishek Jha.

Abhishek is the child of Kameshwar Jha, who filled in as an official in the Bihar Government.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) struck Pooja Singhal’s home on the linkage of tax evasion in an Illegal mining case.

As per news entries, She was connected with the implied theft of over Rs 17 crore in MGNREGA assets in the state’s Khunti area in both 2008 and 2011.

Authorities shared with the media that the workplaces of Pooja IAS official and secretary of the Jharkhand government’s service of energy and mineral were engaged with the strike activity.

Jharkhand Secretary 17 Crore Raid The Enforcement Directorate (ED) gathered more than 17 crores of money in an Illegal mining case done in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

An enormous amount of the cash was found from the senior IAS official and secretary of the mining Pooja Singhal’s home connecting with the unlawful mining case.

Machines have additionally been employed to count the held onto cash, as per reports. The cash was given to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) by her Chartered Accountant.

The assaulted house was under the name of Pooja Singhal’s dad in, lawKameshwar Jha ED attacks are additionally occurring at Pooja Singhal’s Mithanpura hideout in Muzaffarpur.

Pooja Singhal Children Details Pooja Singhal has kept his youngsters’ names stowed away from the public spotlight. Therefore, their names are obscure.

Singhal is a 2000 group Indian Administrative Service (IAS) official who as of now fills in as a representative chief in the Khunti area.

The examinations started after Rajeev Kumar, a senior lawyer of the Jharkhand High Court, documented a conventional objection against Pooja Singhal with the ED in February 2022.

Meet Pooja Singhal Family Pooja Singal Family remembers her significant other Abhishek Jha and her dad for regulation Kameshwar Jha.

Aside from that, she hasn’t revealed any of her relatives and family members to the media.