Who is R. Kelly’s Elder Sister Theresa Kelly?

Theresa Kelly is a 61 years of age American lady known for her familial connections to R. Kelly.

She is the senior sister of the honor winning vocalist born to Joanne Kelly and Mr. Kelly in Bronzeville, Illinois in 1962.


With a truant dad, Theresa was raised by her mom Joanne however she likewise became a mother to her more youthful brothers; Bruce, Roberts, and Carey Kelly when her mom was working.

Theresa is presently a beautician and finance manager however is prominently known as R Kelly’s senior sister. This is the very thing we are familiar her.

Theresa Kelly is a 61 Years of age Lady Born in Bronzeville, Illinois Theresa Kelly was born in Bronzeville, Illinois at some point in 1962 and this makes her no less than 61 years of age.

Summary of Theresa Kelly’s biography 

  • Full name: Theresa Kelly
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 2nd January 1962
  • Theresa Kelly’s  Age: 61 years old
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Theresa Kelly’s Parents: Joanne Kelly and Mr. Kelly
  • Siblings: Bruce Kelly, Roberts Kelly, and Carey Kelly
  • Theresa Kelly’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Theresa Kelly’s Height in Centimetres: 168 cm
  • Theresa Kelly’s Weight: 166 lbs
  • Famous for: Being R Kelly’s sister

She lived with her brothers and mom in Chicago; in the Bronzeville Ida B. Wells homes lodging project. Theresa’s mom, Joanne Kelly, functioned as a teacher and raised Theresa and her stepbrothers alone as a single parent. Obviously, the family was an intently sew one in those years and it remained so according to the public following R. Kelly’s popularity.

Notwithstanding, late improvements following charges of sexual wrongdoing documented against R. Kelly have demonstrated in any case. Theresa started her schooling at a non-public school in her old neighborhood, after which she was signed up for a secondary school in Chicago. Theresa proceeded to earn an education from the College of California.

Who are Theresa Kelly’s Folks? Insights concerning Theresa’s dad are obscure as he was missing for her entire life and her brother’s life.

Not many sources anyway guarantee that they are half-kin yet we can’t be aware without a doubt.

Theresa’s mom, Joanne Kelly, was a teacher and expert vocalist. She drove the ensemble in the baptist church where she loved and brought up her four youngsters.

There is no data on Joanne Kelly’s accomplice or spouse, nor is there any verification that she was hitched. She brought up her four youngsters alone. Insights regarding her family; guardians and kin are additionally kept hidden. Joanne lived in lodging projects with her youngsters and died of malignant growth in 1993.

How Did Theresa Kelly Respond? As additional accounts encompassing R Kelly’s pedophile and rape claims started to become exposed, particularly with the arrival of Lifetime’s ‘Enduring R Kelly’, the artist’s more youthful brother Carey Kelly focuses on their maltreatment. As per Carey in a meeting, he and R Kelly were manhandled by their senior sister Theresa for around six years.

Carey claims that she was around 16 years of age at the hour of the maltreatment and would drive them (Carey and Roberts) to lick her genitals and in the end assault them.

This occurred while Theresa was left to keep an eye on brothers when her mom was working.

Despite the fact that R Kelly indicated having been manhandled by a relative in his book, ‘Soulacoaster’ in 2012, he never uncovered who the victimizer was.

The Kelly brothers’ sexual maltreatment was brought to the spotlight by a humiliated Carey Kelly after R Kelly was blamed for rape and youngster porn.

Theresa has anyway denied these claims and distanced herself from her brothers following their records of sexual maltreatment against her.

Carey claims that his mom had close to zero familiarity with the maltreatment since he was apprehensive she would see him in an unexpected way.

He hasn’t been in contact with his sister since their mom’s demise and there are no records of a claim against her for manhandling her brothers.

Meet Theresa Kelly’s Well known Brother R Kelly Theresa Kelly got well known as R Kelly’s sister. R Kelly is a vocalist, lyricist, maker, and indicted sex wrongdoer.

The vocalist was born in 1967 in Chicago to their mom, Joanne Kelly, and rose to distinction following his presentation in an ability show that featured his talent for musical expression.

The genius marked an agreement in 1997 with the Atlantic City Seagulls to play proficient b-ball. His b-ball vocation went on until 1999 when he quit to zero in on music. R Kelly caused disturbances in the music business acquiring him names like ‘pied flautist’ and numerous others. R Kelly was first blamed for youngster sexual entertainment in 2002 and absolved in 2008.

After his delivery, the vocalist kept on doing takes advantage of in his profession until additional data was delivered following Lifetime’s Enduring R Kelly.

The vocalist is presently anticipating condemning. Albeit the kin are not friendly, R Kelly’s acclaim put Theresa’s life at the center of attention.

The sister has, be that as it may, worked really hard of keeping her hidden life out of the media.

Is Theresa Kelly Wedded and Does She Have Children? Theresa Kelly is hitched yet the name of her better half and different insights about him have been avoided the media.

Most horrendously awful still, there are no web-based entertainment accounts showing her and her better half.

She is said to have two kids yet their characters have been stowed away from the media. We don’t have the foggiest idea about their names, ages, what schools they join in or what they resemble.

Theresa was raised as a Christian at the Baptist church and is said to have kept up with her ethical remaining to date.

Neither the brothers can give nitty gritty records of their sister’s whereabouts seeing as they haven’t seen it heard from her in many years. In spite of the fact that Carey attempted to express a desire for peace to his sister, Theresa has would not have contact with her brothers.  We are don’t know how she’s at present doing her life or where her family is.

Where could Theresa Kelly Presently be? Theresa Kelly at present lives a couple of kilometers from Chicago in Aurora, Illinois. She began her profession filling in as a beautician for a few organizations and at last assembled sufficient information to venture out all alone. She as of now possesses a design studio in Chicago and functions as a financial specialist in the US of America.

In spite of the fact that it has been challenging to find Theresa’s studio or work environment because of her nonappearance from online entertainment and her endeavors to avoid the spotlight, sources guarantee that Theresa is worth about $600k to $700k.