Who Is Radio Announcer Bill Woodward? Legendary Journalist Dies


Charge Woodward is a gifted character who was the Fresno radio commentator known as “The Voice of the Bulldogs”. Tragically, the commended writer has died and his audience members need to have understanding into his reason for death.

Woodward was the host on the radio for Fresno State Bulldogs fans, his projects were heard on radio and in-game for a considerable length of time. Likewise, the broadcaster was granted shirt number 37 during his retirement.


To identify, it was a representative motion given by the club to Woodward, for his huge commitment as a commentator for quite a long time in the mic, in this way the demise of the games columnist has carried pity to the fanatics of Bulldogs.

Radio Announcer Bill Woodward Death Cause Woodward’s reason for death has not been uncovered and examined, yet almost certainly, he confronted sickness and died from the normal causes as the analyst was in advanced age and exhausted because of long periods of work.

In addition, Woodward was viewed as a magnificent coach, he was an expert in the telecom business with remarkable appeal and steadiness towards his work. He is everlastingly recalled in the Fresno State Athletics Hall of Fame.

At first, Woodward resigned from the KMJ in 2010 however he loved Fresno State Bulldogs, his voice was a huge variable that gave pleasure and satisfaction to individuals.

Bill was a legend in Fresno for his critical work, his voice has been commended and regarded by occupants of the Fresno as their recollections are implanted with his editorial of the games.

Charge Woodward Age: How Old Was He When He Died? Charge Woodward died at 81 years old, in this way it is accepted that he died because of regular causes. During the time of his discourse, he was a serious individual working in his expert undertaking.

Woodward had previously reported in excess of 2,000 football, b-ball, and ball games on KMJ from 5-8 AM, in the studio of KMJ at San Joaquin Valley’s stalwart radio broadcast.

The commentator was engaged with reporting the Bulldogs’ most noteworthy accomplishment second, for example, the 1983 b-ball title, the 83 ball triumph over a no.2 positioned Houston group. He likewise reported for 2004 additional time prevail upon Virginia on the MPC PCs.

Likewise, he was additionally regarded and venerated by his partners, he was respected by each Hall of Fame, and he is by all accounts investing huge energy into the outcome of their goal.

Regardless, he procured a huge and healthy individual commitment. His critique in Fresno sports been able to picture must be changed occasionally.

Charge Woodward Wikipedia Details Charge Woodward 81, began his vocation at KMJ in 1972, he had committed the shock. His remark on different verifiable achievements of the clubs during the level of their accomplishment.

Moreover, he honestly loved sports since he was a youngster, he generally cherished sports, as he played football for Selma Hight and in junior school yet he disapproved of his shoulder in 1960.

Subsequently, he was likewise finished up the “Voice of the Bulldogs” by individuals around the area to the following. Additionally, players, mentors, and athletic chiefs were continually changing yet Woodward continued as before in contributing his heart.

Obviously, the legend had been cherished, regarded, and commended for his commitment, he appears to have abandoned a critical inheritance with the Fresno State Bulldogs.

In this manner, his work will carry motivation to ages as his work gave energy and positive vibrations to individuals.