Who Is Rania Aniftos? Afrobeat Article Receiving Controversy On Twitter


Rania Aniftos has been a Billboard staff author beginning around 2017 and has composed for Billboard.com.

Rania Aniftos, an individual from the Billboard team, has been entangled in discussion, and the world has recently revolted against the writer of a new Billboard article about Afrobeat.


Who Is Rania Aniftos? Rania Aniftos was a Billboard.com publication understudy in 2017 and is currently a Billboard staff author.

She procured a B.A. in news coverage with a minor in the music business from the University of Southern California (Class of 2017).

Rania is fixated on everything pop, rock, and way of life, from talking performers like Christina Aguilera and HAIM about their ongoing activities to investigating the most recent online entertainment and style.

She is a music writer situated in Los Angeles who was born in New York and has distributed various tales about pop, rock, and way of life.

Rania appreciates examining the best bagel in NYC, the complexities of celestial diagrams, and all the other things when she isn’t composing.

Rania Aniftos Afrobeat Article Controversy Individuals are discussing Rania’s afrobeat article on Billboard, which has circulated around the web.

Board Teams Up With Afro Nation to Launch New U.S. Afrobeats Songs Chart, which she composed, has turned into a web sensation.

@iprinceofficia, a Twitter client, stated “Rania Aniftos the essayist of that article for Billboard may be a bigot all things considered. If not, I fail to understand the reason why she would give credit to Beyonce for Afrobeat going standard while overlooking specialists like Davido that endeavored to take it standard.”

On Twitter individuals have been remarking about Rania and has posted many Tweet about her.

On the 29th of March, Billboard appeared the very first AfroBeats diagram.

Beyoncé has been recognized as one of the artists who assisted AfroBeat with acquiring ubiquity all over the planet.

Rania Aniftos Age and Wikipedia Rania Aniftos was born in New York. She hasn’t uncovered her introduction to the world date to general society.

Be that as it may, in view of her photograph, she seems, by all accounts, to be between the ages of 25-30. This is basically a speculation at her age.

Her name doesn’t show up on the authority Wikipedia page. Rania is a staff author for Billboard.

The music writer, who was born in New York presently lives in Los Angeles, is the glad girl of Greek-Cypriot workers.

She holds a four year certification from the University of Southern California and has earlier professional training.

She interned at Giorgio Armani in Public Relations, Harper’s Bazaar in Fashion Features, and iHeartMedia in Marketing.

She worked at Ticketmaster as a partner media supervisor from May 2017 to May 2018, and she is currently a staff author at Billboard.