Who Is Rapper X1 Aka Bruce Sandlin? Basketball Wives Angel Brinks Talks About Her First Husband

Rapper X1, otherwise known as Bruce Sandlin, was a rising Brooklyn rapper until his unexpected destruction in 2007.

He was partnered with Gang Green and Onyx, an outstanding hip-bounce bunch. The rapper’s unexpected yet baffling demise had made public titles; notwithstanding, the secret actually remains today.


His accomplice, Angel Brinks, has as of late drilled down into him on the new episode of “B-ball Wives,” causing watchers to think back about the legend of X1.

Who Is Rapper X1 Aka Bruce Sandlin? Bruce Sandlin prospered in front of an audience and in the hip bounce industry as Rapper X1, thinking back to the 2000s. His melodic joint effort with remarkable gatherings, for example, Onyx is a significant reality about him.

In any case, regardless of being a gifted rapper, he battled as an independent craftsman. He was en route to snatching an effective performance rap profession when he was tracked down dead at his home.

X1 had worked with Onyx and begun as an independent craftsman under Mike Tyson’s record mark, Tyson Records. As he didn’t find the outcomes to his assumption, he marked another arrangement with Ball’r Records, which was shut presently.

Then, at that point, X1 endorsed to the mark Dynasty Records that recorded his presentation collection “Youthful, Rich, And Gangsta.”

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Heavenly messenger Brinks First Husband Rapper X1 Death Linked To Suicide Rapper X1 was first tracked down dead by his then-accomplice and self-broadcasted spouse, Angel Brinks.

Verges has guaranteed that her child daddy’s passing is self destruction as they two had been in a battle previously. She acknowledged that she expressed terrible things that drove the rapper to commit suicide.

Heavenly messenger was nine months pregnant at the hour of X1’s passing. In the interim, the child, Azari, has grown up under the consideration of his mom.

Holy messenger is a star projected on “Ball Wives” as she is an ex of NBA shooting monitor Tyreke Evans. Distractify affirms that Angel shares a girl named Amani with Tyreke.

She is a devoted mother to both Azari and Amani, while she invited her third kid in November 2021 with her beau, RoccStar.

For what reason Did Rapper X1 Aka Bruce Sandlin Kill Himself? Rapper X1’s passing reason actually stays obscure to date. Heavenly messenger’s articulation on his passing remaining parts sketchy as Nevada freely available reports show that the two were not hitched then.

Bruce Sandlin’s companions, family, and ex, Baby Vasquez, intensely suspect that the late rapper’s demise is a set-up for self destruction.

They accept that X1 was killed while his demise scene might have been outlined as a self destruction. Notwithstanding, the full finish of his demise still can’t seem to unfurl.

The fresh insight about his demise was first distributed by the hip-jump site, AllHipHop.com.