Who is Raul Meza Jr? Texas serial killer confesses to multiple murders

A man recognized as Raul Meza Jr has been captured by Texas police after he admitted to different killings
He was captured after he became suspect in the killing of Jesse Fraga Jesse
Fraga was the flat mate of Raul Meza Jr

A man recognized as Raul Meza Jr has been captured by Texas police after he admitted to different homicides. He was captured for the current week.


He was recognized as the suspect when police directed a test into the killing of his old flat mate Jesse Fraga on May 20.

Meza was captured and is being forced four charges which incorporate a capital homicide allegation, unapproved utilization of vehicle, and two undisclosed first-degree crimes.

Who is Raul Meza Jr?

Raul Meza Jr is 62 years of age. He has an extensive rundown of criminal history and has been in prison previously. In 1975, Meza was first captured and accused of the burglary of a general store representative. He was condemned to 20 years of prison time however got out in five years, as revealed by news sources.

In 1982, Meza was charged for assault and murder Kendra Page, an eight-year-old. He was viewed as at fault for his activities and was condemned to 46 years in prison. He was delivered solely after serving 11 years of prison time for “appropriate conduct”. Meza was in and out of prison because of his activities and was a suspect in different homicides.

As of late, Meza admitted to numerous homicides to police, after he turned into a great suspect in the killing of a 80-year-old flat mate Jesse Fraga. As indicated by Austin Police Criminal investigator Patrick Reed, Meza called the Manslaughter Division with a message saying, “I am Raul Meza, and you’re searching for me.”

Reed said he likewise admitted to the killings of Fraga and a female in 2019. He said, “I got out (of jail) in 2016, I wind up killing a woman soon a while later.”

The 80-year-old casualty was tracked down inside a storeroom with a belt around his neck with blades, during a government assistance mind May 20.

Jesse Fraga was a post trial supervisor who met Meza during the 1990s and was attempting to restore the lawbreaker.