Who Is Reginald Brooks From ID’s Evil Lives Here? Details On Why Did The Father Of 3 Killed On His Sons Discussed In The Show


Malicious Lives Here is a narrative network show that originally debuted on 17 January 2016 on Investigation Discovery(ID).

The show depends on evident wrongdoing where the questioner babbles with the relative with regards to the connected killer.


Up to this point, there has been an aggregate of 9 seasons with 90 episodes up until this point. In season four, episode 5 Beverly Stephens discusses his ex, Reginald Brooks who killed their 3 children.

Who Is Reginald Brooks? ID’s Evil Lives Here Exposes His Story Reginald Brooks from the ID’s Evil Lives Here is the executioner who shot his three children; Reginald Jr., Vaughn, and Niarchos.

Reginald Brooks was hitched to Beverly Stephens. The pair settled down in Cleveland, Ohio. Before long, they become all around familiar with their individuals from the local area.

Reginald out of the blue quit his place of employment in 1976 leaving Beverly as the sole worker in the family. The weight was a lot for her.

Despite the fact that she never whined once however the show features Reginald was liable for a very long time.

For what reason Did Reginald Brooks Kill All Three Of His Sons? Reginald Brooks, the dad of the three killed every one of his children after his significant other, Beverly sought legal separation. The pressure started to encompass the family when Brook found employment elsewhere.

The cheerful family was distraught any longer. Creeks began to show peculiar conduct.

In any case, the spouse, Beverly didn’t understand that the peculiar practices of her significant other were indications of him turning into a chilly killer.

Streams began to design the entire homicide when the spouse requested a separation. The arranging began 10 days before the episode occurred.

On 6 March 1982, Reginald utilized a .38-type handgun to kill his children as a whole. The young men were resting when they had chance.

Where Could Reginald Brooks Now be? Reginal Brooks is now dead according to the police reports. Streams was waiting for capital punishment for a very long time. He was executed on 11 November 2011 by deadly infusion in Ohio.

Subsequent to murdering his child, he escaped to Las Vegas and was captured in Utah and the weapon he utilized was additionally inside his bag.

The unfeeling dad never conceded to the killings and his safeguard contended he was deranged and ill suited for preliminary yet the state questioned that.