Who Is Rex Frank From Kankakee? Murder Suspect Of Sarah Washington Killer Serving Life In Jail


Rex Frank of Sun River Terrace was sentenced to 45 years in jail, which he will spend in full in the Illinois Department of Corrections, pronounced in a Kankakee County court toward the beginning of today.

In April of 2014, he was the casualty of a vehicle commandeering that finished in the shooting passings of two people, alongside one of the burglary endeavors.


Who Is Rex Frank From Kankakee? Sarah Washington Killer Arrested And Serving Life In Prison Rex Frank, the indicted executioner who killed Sarah Washington, was as of late caught by the Illinois Police Department and is right now finishing his lifelong incarceration in jail.

Frank was tracked down answerable for killing Sarah, a 25-year-old hopeful model from Kankakee. She was shot two times in her home, and her body was found by a direct relation.

The executioner guaranteed the Kankakee County Circuit Court abused by permitting data from prior murders, including the 2014 homicide of Rian Maiden, at preliminary. During the oral contention, he likewise asserted that specialists occupied with unjust convictions.

The requests court, then again, objected and maintained the preliminary and sentence. As indicated by the court’s choice, the arraignment presented an application before preliminary requesting the extra data to be conceded.

As indicated by the source, the denounced likewise confesses to the lethal shooting of Rian Maiden approximately July 4, 2014.

Where Is Rex Frank Now? Rex Frank is at present serving his life detainment in Illinois.

Frank was condemned in kind for his conceding and has been held at the Jerome Combs Detention Facility since his capture on July eleventh, 2014 for the killing of Sarah Washington.

On June 26, 2014, Sarah’s mom, Kathy Washington observed her little girl killed when she went to get her for work.

In spite of the way that no weapon was found at either crime location, an Illinois State Police scientific researcher expressed in March that the shot openings found at both crime locations were discharged by a similar kind of gun.

In April 2016, Kankakee Police officials accused Rex of Washington’s homicide in view of proof at the scene.

Rex Frank Wikipedia Is Unavailable: His Family Details Rex Frank, who was brought by his family up in Illinois, is yet to get recorded on the standard Wikipedia page.

The sentenced killer has not given a lot of data about himself, including his family subtleties. Therefore, there isn’t a lot of data accessible about him.

Frank assented to confess to first-degree murder in the Maiden case in July 2015, however simply because he was deranged. On July 4, 2014, Maiden strolled in on Frank, who had broken into his Sun River Terrace home.

In the wake of convincing Maiden to hand up his PIN number and ATM card, Rex shot him multiple times, two times in the head according to the source.