Who Is Riley Keough’s Husband Ben Smith-Petersen… Confirmed Their Daughter at Lisa Marie Presley’s Memorial Service?

On Sunday morning, during a commemoration administration for Lisa Marie Presley at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, Riley Keough’s significant other, Ben Smith-Petersen, shared a recognition for his better half, who was sitting in the first column. He said that two or three has a little girl.

“I truly want to believe that I can adore my girl the manner in which you cherished me, the manner in which you adored my brother and my sisters.


Much thanks to you for invigorating me, my heart, my compassion, my boldness, my comical inclination, my habits, my attitude, my ferocity, my industriousness. I’m a result of your heart, my sisters are a result of your heart, my brother is a result of your heart,” Smith-Petersen said of his mother by marriage as he read the expressions of his significant other.

Smith-Petersen wedded Keough quite a while back, however she gave no more data, similar to when their girl was born or what her name was.

A delegate for Keough, who is 33 years of age, let Individuals know that the couple had a young lady in 2022. While shooting Frantic Max: Anger Street in 2012, Keough, the girl of late Presley and artist Danny Keough, met Smith-Petersen. The two entertainers met momentarily on set, however they didn’t begin dating until they were doing reshoots in Australia a year after the fact.

“My significant other is a decent individual,” composed Keough in a 2022 paper for Vogue Australia. “He’s quiet and steadfast and solid and delicate. He’s my dearest companion.”

The connection among Keough and the Australian stand-in moved rapidly, and in 2014, they said they were getting hitched.

Smith-Petersen posted an image of Keough wearing a precious stone ring at the time on her Facebook page with the basic inscription, “So that occurred.” In February 2015, under a year after they met, they got hitched. Keough and Smith-first Petersen’s wedding was in Nepal, where they were building a school. Half a month after the fact, they got hitched in the US.

“The families realized we were getting hitched and they said, ‘Let us toss you a Hindu wedding,'” Keough reviewed in her Vogue Australia exposition. “It was so lovely and, here and there, that wedding was somewhat more private and truly unique. I cried at that wedding. At my bigger wedding I was somewhat apprehensive, I wasn’t as present. Yet, it was still similarly as astonishing.”

The couple, who have tattoos that match one another, got hitched again on February 4, 2015, in Napa Valley, California.

The news that they will be guardians happened after Keough posted a high contrast photograph of herself with her mom on Instagram on Friday.

Keough’s most memorable public assertion since the passing of her mom, Elvis Presley’s lone youngster, was a basic message: “❤️.” It was her most memorable public assertion since her mom’s demise. Presley died on January 12 subsequent to being raced to a medical clinic in Los Angeles for what was believed to be a coronary episode. She turned 54.

Alongside Keough, the artist musician is made due by her mom, entertainer and money manager Priscilla Presley, 77, and twins Finley and Harper Lockwood, 14. Benjamin Keough, Presley’s child, committed suicide in 2020 when he was 27 years of age.