Who Is Robert Hinkle? Former Lawton PD Officer Arrested Over First Degree Manslaughter In Quadry Sanders’ Death


On Friday, 6 May 2022, two Lawton, Oklahoma cops were accused of first-degree murder after lethally shooting an unarmed Black man who was submitting to their orders to set down and lift his hands.

Isn’t it unexpected, how police engage in such a coldhearted demonstration? They are there for equity and to help reasonably, however when they end up being the person who torments individuals, bad form happens.


Who Is Robert Hinkle? Robert Hinkle is one of Lawton’s PD officials who got captured over first-degree homicide. There is a video on YouTube (appended underneath) and posts on Twitter with respect to the case.

As per thedailybeast.com, subsequent to getting a call concerning a person exposed to a defensive request visiting the place of a woman referenced in the request, Hinkle and Ronan showed up at Sanders’ home soon after 8:30 p.m. on December 5.

Officials could be heard remarking on body-cam film delivered Friday that the lady’s better half was likewise home at that point. The officials should be visible stopped external the lady’s home, endeavoring to call her significant other’s mobile phone.

Police have been called to the location previously, and the person inside has a gun, according to one official. The police are then educated by a dispatcher that her significant other expressed that individual was preparing to leave.

However Sanders was complying with the cop’s mandates, they discharged four shots at him. However he tumbled to the ground, he attempted to sit and lifted his hand, and again he was shot seven additional times.

Is Robert Hinkle Lawton PD Officer Arrested Over First Degree Manslaughter? After a regulatory examination concerning the dangerous shooting, the Lawton City Manager terminated Ronan and Hinkle in January 2022. As per an assertion from the Lawton City Manager’s office, their examination was free of OSBI, with OSBI’s being criminal and the City of Lawton’s being managerial.

Indeed, Robert Hinkle is one of the Lawton PD officials captured over first-degree homicide. Previous Lawton police officers Nathan Ronan and Robert Hinkle will deal with criminal indictments, as per the Comanche County District Attorney’s Office.

Find out About Robert Hinkle Jail Sentence And Mugshot “In the wake of auditing the entire case document, “Comanche County District Attorney Kyle Cabelka said his office has observed that Officers Robert Hinkle and Nathan Ronan’s it was uncalled-for to shoot of Quadry Sanders.

The disclosure of the data and the declaration of the charges against the previous police may not bring conclusion, it might give clearness, as per Stan Booker, Mayor of Lawton.

The prison sentence and mugshot of Robert Hinkel, the offender may be shared openly later on.