Who Is Rodney Wilson From California? Arrested For Sexual Assault – Explained In Detail

Rodney Wilson is an ex-cop who was seen being bigoted towards a Latina lady and furthermore attacking a woman. He was as of late captured after the recordings came up on the web.

The ex-cop of Oceanside, California, Rodney Wilson, has been seen as at legitimate fault for being bigoted and attacking a lady. He was terminated from his occupation as a cop after he did horrendous things a few times and said hassling words to individuals.

Rodney was captured in 2017 and 2019 for his hostile remarks on the web, however even from that point onward, he has not taken in his illustration yet and is as yet doing awful things to individuals. He was seen battling with individuals he didn’t actually be aware in the bar.

Who Is Rodney Wilson From California? Rodney Wilson is a previous cop from California who is at present getting viral on a few web-based entertainment locales for a vicious and bigoted video.

Wilson was being bigoted and conveyed internet based intimidations against dark kids. He was captured for the occurrence in 2016 and was set free later.

According to the reports, the ex-official was seen remarking on an image of a woman named LaNaydra Williams via web-based entertainment stages, where he recorded a terrible bit of feedback on LaNaydra’s girl’s photograph.

Rodney stated, “We will before long figure out how vital her (little girl) life is, so don’t leave your data where she can track down it. This evening will be the last time you can hold her nearby,” in the remark. Williams is an African-American lady and was stunned to see his statement as he was completely obscure to her.

Rodney Wilson Arrested For Sexual Assault Rodney Wilson was as of late captured for a deed he completed quite a while back. He was being bigoted and lashing out for not a great explanation. He was likewise found attacking a lady outside a restroom.

He was likewise seen passing bigoted remarks to a kid. He has been seen undermining individuals for their skin variety various times. He was captured in 2017 and 2019 for bigoted remarks and rape. He has a horrendous outrage issue that has hurt society and its morals.

Many individuals were seen arguing for the crook’s capture and to put him in the slammer on different web-based entertainment destinations, lastly, their allure was heard, and Rodney was captured for his wrongdoings. In the video becoming a web sensation, Wilson calls the lady ‘a modest poop’ and utilizations foul words to her.

He was likewise seen punching and beating a kid in Oceanside, CA. He looks completely tipsy and absolutely crazy in the video. Many individuals are attempting to prevent him from attacking the kid. One individuals was seen hitting Wilson with a seat.

Where Could Rodney Wilson Now be? Rodney Wilson has turned into a web sensation after a lady posted his video of attacking individuals on TikTok, Twitter, and other virtual entertainment locales. As indicated by her, Rodney has been captured and is presently behind the bar.

Purportedly, He has proactively been kept. Before that, he was shipped off prison before likewise for compromising a lady and her youngster in 2017. He needs to remain 90-days in jail and a drawn out probation period.

The lawbreaker lives in Oceanside, California. In this way, he may be taken to some place close to his home. Indeed, even in the wake of being a previous cop in Overland Park, he has attacked individuals’ freedoms.

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