Who Is Rodney Wilson From Oceanside CA? Overland Park Racist Cop Fired, What Did He Do?


Rodney Wilson is a previous Overland Park official who has as of late been shot involving racial slurs and battling regular folks in a bar.

A previous Overland Park cop who was excused for compromising a Texas parent on Facebook could go to prison in the event that he breaks the conditions of his probation. Rodney Wilson was given a time of probation and a 90-day jail term subsequent to entering a blameworthy request to four misdeed offenses in 2017.


At the point when a Dallas lady guaranteed that Wilson had scared her on Facebook by saying something about an image of her kid, the Johnson County head prosecutor previously indicted Wilson with a lawful offense for conveying a criminal intimidation.

Who Is Rodney Wilson From Oceanside CA And What Did He Do? Rodney was recently captured in the wake of conveying intimidations to a lady on Facebook in 2017. He was likewise terminated from his work and was given an extended period of probation including a 90-day jail term.

Wilson decided to concede to two misdeed accusations of attack, obstructing the organization of equity, and fake pantomime as opposed to being accused of the crime. He at first needed to show up in court for a planning gathering in 2017, yet he decided to enter the liable requests all things being equal.

The previous cop has forever been transparently bigoted. He has posted various things via virtual entertainment accounts that express that he has been bigoted towards individuals.

In any case, he has additionally transparently undermined individuals via web-based entertainment accounts and straightforwardly said that the vast majority’s lives don’t make any difference and be careful about his presence.

Taking into account he was a previous cop, these dangers were not moral which prompted his capture and he was terminated from his situation.

The Video Of Rodney Wilson Overland Park Cop Explored A video has been circumventing on Twitter where Rodney was gotten on camera in Oceanside. The previous cop appeared to get in a squabble with local people.

The video subtitle expresses that Rodney was affected by liquor and he was unable to deal with his liquor. The video shows that Rodney was battling someone beyond a bar in San Diego.

Be that as it may, Wilson didn’t appear to have quite recently battled one individual however he was by all accounts battling anybody in his manner. He had all the earmarks of being going after various individuals in the video who were not a piece of the fight by any stretch of the imagination.

He appeared to be incredibly tipsy and brimming with scorn. He was additionally being bigoted and utilizing a few racial slurs among individuals at the bar. While certain individuals appeared they were attempting to quiet Rodney down and limit him from battling, he was all the while overwhelming them and attempting to battle the vast majority in the bar.

Was Rodney Wilson Arrested In 2022? There have been no updates about Rodney’s new capture so the previous cop might in any case wander aimlessly. In any case, many individuals have been arguing for the bigoted ex-cop to be put in a correctional facility.

Wilson has been known to compromise offspring of variety on the web and threaten individuals on the web. He has been discovered various times attempting to threaten the family on the web.

He was captured for coercion in 2017 and he was captured in 2019 again for attack. The ex-cop has shown over and over that he has a terrible outrage issue and could be of damage to society.

Individuals on Twitter have been arguing for Rodney’s capture and for him to be put in a correctional facility following his web-based furies and his genuine attacks.