Who is Roman Colosseum tourist Ivan Dimitrov? Search underway for man accused of defacing historic amphitheatre


Ivan Dimitrov, a 27-year-old Bulgarian-born health specialist from England, was recognized as the vacationer who cut “Ivan+Haley 23” on the 2000 year-old Roman Colosseum last week. The occurrence happened a week ago. It came to public consideration when a video of a traveler in a blue colorful shirt scratching his and his clear sweetheart’s name on the Colosseum walls became a web sensation.

The distinguishing proof was made by Italian police utilizing visual examinations with the assistance of the video that showed the traveler etching the names with a critical on the Colosseum’s old wall, specialists said in an explanation.


The recording was shot by an individual traveler, Ryan Lutz from Orange City, California, who saw Ivan Dimitrov vandalizing the memorable legacy site while he was visiting the amphitheater. Lutz then posted the video on YouTube and Reddit, where it got huge number of virtual entertainment sees and was gotten by Italian media.

Not long after, the Italian police reported that they were searching for the man in the clasp as various conspicuous authorities censured the demonstration. In a Twitter proclamation, Italy’s Priest for Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, composed:

On Friday, June 30, Italian police reported that they are presently looking for Roman Colosseum vacationer Ivan Dimitrov after he was seen vandalizing the memorable amphitheater. European Media generally revealed that Ivan Dimitrov is a 27-year-old English resident. He is purportedly a Bulgarian-born health specialist who likewise goes by the name Ivan Hawkins.

Ivan apparently resides with his drawn out sweetheart, 33-year-old Hayley Bracey, in the city of Bristol in southwest, Britain, where she maintains her own games sustenance business. While police still can’t seem to catch the vacationer, in an official statement, they uncovered “that the procedure is in the fundamental examination stage, consequently the suspect should view himself as honest until a last sentence is given.”

In the mean time, Culture Pastor Gennaro Sangiuliano said that in the event that the case goes to preliminary, the Service of Culture will show up as an offended party in court.

Italian news office Ansa revealed that, whenever sentenced, Ivan could confront a fine of no less than 15,000 euros ($16,360) or as long as five years in jail. Various reports expressed that this is the fourth time a traveler was tracked down etching names into the noteworthy amphitheater.

In 2014, a Russian vacationer was fined €20,000 ($21,800) and got a four-year suspended prison sentence in the wake of scratching the letter ‘K’ on a mass of the Colosseum.

In his authority proclamation, Sangiuliano added that an administration charge that would make miscreants mutilating Italian legacy locales monetarily obligated is at present going through parliament.