Who Is Romana Didulo? QAnon Queen of Canada Claims Herself As World Leader


A QAnon force to be reckoned with, Romana, whom certain individuals accept to be the genuine Queen of Canada, had some time off from her months-long visit through the country to declare her expectations to go worldwide.

Who Is Romana Didulo? Her Wikipedia Romana Didulo is a QAnon powerhouse infamous for beginning an unrest with her own arrangement of draconian objectives. On Wikipedia, she can be found, yet just in the French variant.


On September 17, 2021, she posted a video on YouTube. As per the film, the Queen of Canada was the head of state, president, and head of government, succeeding Queen Elizabeth the Second of England.

In June 2021, she requested that her allies record false conventional warnings against drug stores, “police headquarters, and medical care suppliers” to stop the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada from spreading. This is the way many individuals conveyed the record to these different associations.

She got confined by faculty of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police toward the finish of November 2021, who likewise looked through her home in British Columbia.

How Old Is Canada Deutsch QAnon Leader Romana Didulo Romana Didulo was born during the 1960s or mid 1970s, making her generally around 50 years of age, as per her Wikipedia. She moved to Canada from the Philippines when she was a youngster.

The QAnon pioneer, Romana, is persistently visiting Canada and is logically requesting that her allies force her many pronouncements on the remainder of the world.

QAnon advances an assortment of unusual fear inspired notions, the most well known of which is Donald Trump’s misleading case to be battling a worldwide secrecy of elitist pedophiles who snatch kids, traffic them, reap their organs, and consume their blood.

The last option is alluded to as adrenochrome by QAnon. Conveying a hallucinogenic high and the commitment of immortality is said. In her recordings, she advances these untruths and has drawn in unmistakable QAnon individuals.

What Did Romana Didulo Say? Romana Didulo utilizes the Telegram application to engage Canada’s extreme right scheme scholars with her discourse. The QAnon pioneer has recently called herself Queen of Canada, and presently she is calling herself Queen of the World.

As per Vice, she and her group uncovered to fans that she is the sovereign of the globe as she proceeds with her visit across Canada.

She has given ‘imperial declarations’ to her 70,000+ Telegram adherents since announcing herself Queen of Canada. A few models incorporate prompting individuals not to take care of their bills since it is “deceptive” and naming Victoria, British Columbia, Canada’s capital.