Who Is Royal Kent? NYC Man Kemoy Royal Arrested For Kidnapping After ‘Call The Police’ Note


Illustrious Kent is the suspect who has been captured for abducting, misuse, and sexual savagery. A lady purportedly called the police through a Grubhub conveyance.

A New York City lady was being kept locked down by a man named Royal Kent. After close to 5 hours of the prisoner circumstance, the police had the option to save her through the conveyance she made utilizing GrubHub


The lady requested from The Chipper Truck and she left a message in the depiction segment. The eatery staff quickly called the police and they had the option to save her in the early morning.

Who Is Royal Kent? New York City Man Kemoy Royal Arrested For Kidnapping Imperial Kent, otherwise called Kemoy Royal is a man from New York City who was captured for seizing today.

The 32-year-old purportedly kept a lady locked down for 5 hours until the last option slyly educated the police through The Chipper Truck conveyance request. Besides, the police had the option to find and capture him in no time flat in the Bronx.

According to sources, Royal is as of now accused of assault, strangulation, criminal sex act, unlawful detainment, threatening, attack, criminal ownership of a weapon, and sexual maltreatment.

He will have a trial soon. Kemoy Royal Mugshot And Kidnapping Case: What Happened? Imperial Kent was recently accused of grabbing and sexual maltreatment too.

Moroever, he was captured today for seizing a lady and keeping her prisoner for quite a long time. As per the person in question, Royal assaulted her during that time.

This isn’t the initial time the 32-year-old is having to deal with such penalties. Sources say that he had been captured before for comparative charges however didn’t get arraigned. However, this time around, he may be secured forever.

A photograph of him is at present being circled on Reddit. Nonetheless, we are as yet affirming the subtleties of the photograph. New York City Woman Rescued After A Notice Via Delivery App The lady supposedly put in her request in the Grubhub application for The Chipper Truck, an Irish takeout in New York.

Be that as it may, in the depiction area, she stated, “Kindly call the police, his going to call me when u conveyed accompany the cones kindly don’t make it self-evident.”

When the café saw it, they reached the police who safeguarded her utilizing The Chipper Truck conveyance. The 24-year-old has not uncovered her name. Sources say that she is in stable condition right now.