Who Is Rusty French? Arrested For The Murder Of Pamela Rae Martinez


62 year-old conveyance driver Rusty French was captured for the homicide of Pamela Rae Martinez. He was arrested on Thursday, June 11.

Pamela Rae Martinez was found lethargic inside her vehicle close to Bell Road and 59th Avenue. She had been shot, and specialists proclaimed him dead immediately.


In a preview found on the casualty’s telephone, Rusty French was tracked down situated in a van close to Martinez’s vehicle.

Who Is Rusty French? Corroded French is a 62-year-old who has been captured for killing Pamela Rae Martinez. As per the police, the casualty snapped this photo subsequent to finishing her last food conveyance for the night.

Corroded was found in the photos gathered from the casualty’s telephone. Martinez and French were outsiders, and she wasn’t bringing him food that evening.

The weapon used to kill Martinez had a ballistic coordinate with a gun found at French’s home.

Corroded professed to have “passed out” the occasions of June 11, as indicated by Glendale police. He recognized being the man in Martinez’s photo.

French has been captured and accused of second-degree murder on one count.

Martinez was left out and about when a man drew up, got out, then, at that point, returned to drive the vehicle and drove off, an observer told police, as per the Glendale Police Department.

Corroded French Arrested For The Murder Of Pamela Rae Martinez Corroded French was captured for killing 60-year-old food conveyance staff Pamela Rae Martinez.

As per the Glendale Police Department, Rusty has been confined and accused of the homicide of Pamela Rae Martinez.

Martinez was unfortunately killed on June 11 subsequent to making her last food conveyance.

On June 11, not long before 7:30 p.m., police got a call concerning a mishap and showed up to find a lady driving who was not relaxing.

Martinez was announced dead on the spot. Martinez had an image of French sitting in his van close to her vehicle on her telephone.

Then again, the police specialists and different sources tell that Pamela’s telephone could have more proof of her homicide.

French was investigated when criminal investigators showed the photo Martinez had taken of him just before she died.

Albeit French told examiners it was to be sure him in the photograph, he kept up with that he “probably dropped” at that point.

Ballistic tests demonstrated that one of the handguns found by analysts during their examination of French’s home matched the one utilized in the shooting.