Who Is Safa Siddiqui’s Husband Fahad Siddiqui? Dubai Bling Cast Age and Net Worth

Safa Siddiqui and her better half Fahad Siddiqui show up together to portray their life in Netflix’s Dubai Bling.

The show that creates between the buddies likewise makes for an intriguing watch, regardless of whether it records their day to day exercises and expert issues.


The show gives watchers a brief look into their homes and families, especially their collaborations with their significant others, notwithstanding their get-togethers and lavish gatherings. Safa and Fahad Siddiqui are one of the couples in the gathering.

They had an extreme starting to the show and thusly encountered various tense circumstances, including family arranging, their vocations, and debate in the circle that gushed out over into their relationship.

1. Safa Siddiqui Is A Lady Of Iranian Drop Who Experienced childhood In London, UK Iranian-born Safa Siddiqui was brought up in London, Britain. She entered the land business in the wake of completing her schooling and immediately turned into a notable figure inside the business.

Safa ultimately left the corporate world, in spite of the way that her work had acquainted her with companions like Zeina Khoury, who she keeps on staying away from.

The unscripted tv star began advancing various organizations and items via virtual entertainment, where she has fostered a sizable fan base, rapidly.

2. Safa Siddiqui Is 32 Years of age Starting around 2022 Safa Siddiqui, who is right now 32 years of age, was born in London, Britain, on August 7, 1990.

She is a notable Instagram superstar from Dubai, Joined Middle Easterner Emirates, who is famous for her rich approach to everyday life.

This dazzling Middle Easterner lady rose to acclaim in 2022 in the wake of showing up in the Netflix reality series “Dubai Bling.” As per sources, the lady is of Iraqi plummet; her folks moved to Britain during the 1980s, and the Siddiqui family has been dwelling there from that point forward.

She worked there for quite a long time, however regardless of the extraordinary compensation, she was distraught there. She then considered stopping and going into business. 3.Safa Siddiqui And Fahad Are A Hitched Couple
Safa Siddiqui and spouse Fahad Siddiqui have various viewpoints toward life.

Their colleagues accepted that they had an exceptionally utilitarian and composed marriage, however the previous uncovered that they are direct inverses.

The pair experienced various conflicts while on the show, notwithstanding their extraordinary love for each other. Everything started when Safa demanded a bigger home and closet, which disturbed Fahad in light of the fact that he would have rather not surrendered their ongoing spot.

The two in the end got into a warmed conflict over the last option’s craving to have a subsequent youngster, which his better half fervently gone against.

4. Safa Siddiqui’s Pregnancy Was Testing Safa guaranteed that she had a difficult pregnancy with Alina and was all the while experiencing the injury she had encountered; nonetheless, she couldn’t convince Fahad to share her point of view.

Furthermore, her contention over developing the family was a key plot viewpoint in the show’s most memorable season since she loathed seeing Fahad discouraged.

Safa picked surrogacy as a split the difference, however her unexpected disclosure of the choice didn’t agree with him or their companions. Fahad needed to be more associated with such arranging since he felt to some degree trapped by his significant other’s unforeseen decision.

By the by, in the wake of making sense of her problem for him and asking that they put off pondering having one more youngster for a couple of years, the couple comprehended.

That, however when she referenced her longing to begin a design line, Fahad gave her his unflinching help. Harmony was reestablished between the two after he likewise vowed to investigate different houses as expected new homes.

5. Fahad Safa Siddiqui Are Still attached Safa Siddiqui and Fahad are still attached and getting along admirably. As a matter of fact, the last option spread the word about her pregnancy in the season finale, and the pair are anticipating inviting their subsequent kid.

Moreover, they actually live in their unique Palm Jumeirah home and are focused on doing the rebuilding plan they point by point on the show.

As far as his work, Fahad fills in as the Chief Overseer of his privately-owned company’s in Mumbai, India, as well as the Overseeing Head of his organization, Indo Rise General Exchanging LLC.

Safa often refreshes her Instagram devotees on her regular exercises as she is endeavoring to propel her profession as a way of life and style force to be reckoned with. She is most likely as yet dealing with her dress line and plans to disclose it presently, beside that.

6.Safa Siddiqui’s Total assets Is $1.28 Million As indicated by data accumulated from various sources, Safa has a total assets of $1.28 million.

In her mid-20s, subsequent to deciding, she quit her corporate work and focused on developing her virtual entertainment presence. She ventured out to Dubai in the meantime and met her first love.

Safa’s accomplice helped her through her depressed spots. The English Iraqi lady in the end accumulated a sizable following and started getting demands from dress organizations to embrace their products.