Who Is Samantha Atnip Missing From Quartzsite? Update On The Status Of Her Case As The Family Is Worried


Samantha Atnip is a 23-year old missing lady from Quartzsite. She vanished from a camping area in Arizona on 24 January 2022.

Atnip disappeared in January from the camping area in Quartzsite. She has deserted every last bit of her things including her Camper van which was only close to her mother’s enjoying the great outdoors zone.


The family at first idea that Samantha had gone to the Gem show nearby. Yet, evidently, there is no fresh insight about her returning back or being found.

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Who Is Samantha Atnip Missing From Quartzsite? Samantha Atnip is a young lady who disappeared from a camping area in Quartzsite.

She alongside her folks were enjoying nature where she abruptly vanished. Her missing case is being investigated and researched also.

Atnip’s vanishing was first reported by her auntie, Jennifer Van Steenvort on Facebook. She transferred a post on 31 January 2022 requesting help with tracking down her niece.

According to the post, Samantha is gone since 24 of January. It has almost been a month since her decampment despite everything, there is no advancement for the situation.

Samantha Atnip Parents and Family Details Samantha Atnip was out setting up camp with her folks when she disappeared.

She left the entirety of her things and her camper van behind which proposes that she headed off to some place by walking. At first, her family expected that she was out for a jewel show.

Nonetheless, Samantha has not displayed up from that point forward. At present, her loved ones are panicked and stressed over her weal and whereabouts.

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Is Samantha Atnip Found? What Befell Her? There is no news expressing that the missing lady, Samantha Atnip has been found.

She has been far off for almost a month and ideally, her family has stopped a report for someone who has gone missing. In any case, she has not returned her home or been situated by the police specialists.

Notwithstanding, there were claims made by the Facebook clients that they had seen Atnip around. In like manner, fourteen days sooner, Sam’s auntie, Jennifer likewise affirmed that she was most recently seen by somebody who her brother perceived.

Despite the fact that they didn’t talk, that individual knew the other person that Atnip was meandering around with. Other than that, there is no more updates for the situation.

Samantha Atnip Age-How Old Is She? Starting at 2022, Samantha Atnip is 23 years of age.

She was born and reared in Grand Junction, Colorado however she moved to Arizona in 2021. Seeing her photos, she is a youthful and good lady.

Ideally, Atnip will before long be found and gotten once again to her home.