Who is Sean Rivera? Pennsylvania man accused of drugging, fatally shooting 72-year-old mother


Sean Rivera is a 28-year-elderly person from Buck Province, Pennsylvania
He is blamed for binding his mom’s chilled tea with fentanyl and shooting her
He presently faces criminal manslaughter, abducting, bothered attack and different violations

On Monday, a Pennsylvania man was charged by examiners in Buck District for the demise of his kid mother. Carol J. Clark was supposedly medicated by her child Sean Rivera with fentanyl prior to being shot, as per Buck District investigators.


Who is Sean Rivera? Sean Rivera, a 28-year-elderly person from Buck Region, Pennsylvania, was accused of criminal murder, grabbing, irritated attack and different violations, for supposedly killing his septuagenarian mother.

As indicated by reports, the police were cautioned about a homegrown question between two brothers with respect to the area of their mom. While Rivera and Clark lived respectively in Fall Municipality, the brother, Adam Clark-Valle was an occupant of New York.

As indicated by a criminal protest recorded by Clark-Valle, he was told by Rivera that their mom had died. Upon his landing in their home in Pennsylvania, he was told by Rivera that their mom experienced a respiratory failure, following which she was owned up to a clinic where she died.

Clark-Valle then, at that point, really look at every one of the close by medical clinics, yet couldn’t track down any subtleties of their missing mother. Besides, when he got back subsequent to closing his pursuit, he observed that Rivera was absent. It was as of now that Clark-Vale alarmed the police.

Police then took out a court order for the Fall Municipality home, and found two firearms, bolt cutters, a latch, a vacant lock bundle and a receipt from Home Terminal.

As per the examiners, Rivera is blamed for binding his mom’s chilled tea with fentanyl on Saturday night, shipping Clark in her own vehicle to a shed in Philadelphia early Sunday morning, shooting her on various occasions, and protecting the shed with one of the locks he had purchased.