Who is Shakeema Koonce? Executive secretary at ABGR studio ripped down posters of kidnapped Israelis by Hamas in NYC

Shakeema Koonce ignited discussion by destroying banners bringing issues to light of abducted Israelis
The episode unfurled in the midst of Hamas’ October 2023 dread assaults, prompting north of 1,200 Israeli passings
Koonce, known by the nom de plume “Tenebris Gignit,” supported her activities, underlining worries for honest lives

Shakeema Koonce, the chief secretary at ABGR Studio, was discovered on camera destroying banners intended to bring issues to light of Israeli regular citizens grabbed by Hamas fear mongers. The episode unfurled against the background of a progression of dread assaults and atrocities executed by Hamas on October 7, 2023, bringing about the passings of north of 1,200 Israelis, the capturing of hundreds, and wounds to thousands more.


Who is Shakeema Koonce?
As the video of Koonce’s activities coursed, questions emerged about her experience, inspirations, and point of view on the continuous struggle. Koonce, as of November 22, 2023, is utilized as a chief secretary at ABGR Studio, a recording studio suitably contracted as “A Horrendous Decent Record Studio,” arranged in the core of New York, New York.

As per her Clubhouse bio, Koonce distinguishes herself as an “New York City Based essayist/chief/entertainer/beautician/model/craftsman.” Her LinkedIn profile uncovers that she moved on from John Jay School, an area of the City College of New York (CUNY), in 2019 with a four year certification in criminal science

In the video catching Koonce destroying the banners, an unconventional pseudonym becomes visible — “Tenebris Gignit.” This is the name she utilized while participated in the demonstration. The utilization of a nom de plume adds an interesting layer to the story, leaving space for hypothesis about Koonce’s persona and the intentions behind her activities.

As the spectator recording the occurrence stood up to Koonce, scrutinizing the explanation for her activities, her reaction was caught on camera. Koonce legitimized her banner expulsion by attesting, “I’m doing it since this is being utilized to execute the homicide of blameless youngsters… And you’re killing millions more.”

Adding to the intricacy of her character, Koonce is recorded on LinkedIn as “Shakeema (Jasmine) Koonce,” and on one of her Instagram accounts, she goes by the name “Jas.” The multi-layered nature of her way of life as a leader secretary, craftsman, and individual with a moniker brings up issues about the crossing point of individual convictions and expert obligations.

In destroying banners that expected to reveal insight into the predicament of hijacked Israeli regular folks, Koonce’s activities have lighted a debate that rises above the quick setting.