Who is Sharelle Johnson? Mother of 11-year-old charged in Apopka shooting injuring two teenagers

A mother is having to deal with penalties after her 11-year-old child was blamed for harming two youngsters in an Apopka shooting
The shooting happened at a Pop Warner football training on Oct. 2
Sharelle Johnson was arrested on the charges of punishable carelessness

Sharelle Johnson is currently having to deal with penalties of chargeable carelessness after her 11-year-old child supposedly harmed two youngsters in a shooting during a Pop Warner football training in Apopka on October 2. State Lawyer Andrew Bain declared the capture, featuring the serious outcomes of carelessness in gun capacity.


As per the express lawyer’s office, Johnson’s child got the gun from an “unstable cardboard box left in her vehicle.” The container, depicted as worn and worn out, needed security locks or clasp, making the weapon effectively open to the young man. Two 13-year-olds were harmed in the episode, prompting the capture of the 11-year-old on charges of endeavored second-degree murder.

In light of Johnson’s capture, the Apopka Police Division underscored the critical significance of dependable gun proprietorship. They focused on the requirement for severe safety efforts to keep minors from getting to guns, underscoring a promise to local area security by keeping weapons out of unseemly hands. The division recognized the seriousness of the circumstance, offering viewpoints and petitions for the casualties impacted by the episode.

The assertion from State Lawyer Andrew Bain featured the careless circumstances encompassing the gun’s stockpiling, underlining the ragged and worn out condition of the cardboard box as a contributing variable. Punishable carelessness charges recommend a lawful wildness or dismissal for the security of others, especially in circumstances including guns.

As the judicial procedures unfurl, the episode fills in as a powerful sign of the basic to practice wariness and obligation in taking care of guns, particularly in conditions where kids might be available. The attention on dependable gun proprietorship is highlighted as specialists work to address the outcomes of this lamentable occasion locally.