Who Is Shawn Edwards Middletown Ny? Hudson Valley 14 Year Old Murder Case


Wrongdoing Junkie: Shawn Edwards was a young understudy at Middletown secondary school in Hudson Valley. In 1986, he was killed bafflingly as the executioner left his body in his own school.

Additionally, his homicide was portrayed as “dissimilar to some other I have seen” by the analyst who was working his case. The 14-year-old slipped away his home around evening time and the following morning, his body was found at school.


No one knew where Edwards went and who he was seeing. It was so not normal for him to slip away around evening time as indicated by his mom. Furthermore, nobody at school had some awareness of what he was doing by the same token.

Who Was Shawn Edwards Middletown NY? Hudson Valley Murder Case Shawn Edwards was a secondary school understudy at Hudson Valley, New York.

Besides, the 14-year-old had a significant interest in music and furthermore was on the school’s football and wrestling crews. He was infatuated with sports early in life.

According to his mom, Shawn was great and straight and she doesn’t really accept that that he slipped away the house on January 15, 1986. She pulled him to bed the evening of January 15 and when she awakened, the 14-year-old wasn’t in his room.

Subsequently, she sent her different children to look for him until she got a call from school that Shawn’s body was found. His body was still new as the blood wasn’t completely thickened. It was tracked down by an overseer of Middletown High School.

Shawn Edwards Mother And Siblings: What Do We Know About His Family? Shawn Edwards was the most youthful child of Mrs. Cynthia Edwards.

In addition, he had three senior brothers and a senior sister. The family lived in Hudson Valley in New York. The insight about Shawn’s demise damaged everybody and his family the most. We forward our requests to them.

The passing of a secondary school youngster is terrible in itself yet the conditions, known and obscure, put forth this defense not quite the same as others. Nobody knew where or why Shawn slipped away his room or he was constrained out of the house around midnight.

A few reports have expressed that the 14-year-old was found in a taxi close by. In any case, nothing appears to be legit as the wrongdoing actually stays perplexing.

Wrongdoing Junkie On Shawn Edwards’ Murder: Is Anyone Arrested? The Police were left dumbfounded as they look for whatever might bind to the homicide of Shawn Edwards.

According to a few meetings, there was not anything that could highlight his homicide. What’s more, consequently, there were never any suspects. A 14-year-old who was dozing calmly in his house was seen as wounded to death in his school the following day and nobody knew anything.

His family is yet to have equity as specialists are as yet looking for his killer, even following 35 years. If you have any desire to be familiar with his case, you can pay attention to the new episode of Crime Junkie.