Who is Stockton Rush, founder of OceanGate Expeditions on board missing Titanic submersible?

OceanGate Campaigns sends vessels for remote ocean endeavors
It affirmed that one of its subs had disappeared
OceanGate Undertakings was established by Stockton Rush in 2009

Three of the travelers on board a missing vessel are believed to be an English very rich person, a French sub pilot, and the President of an organization that offers manned subs.


An association that conveys boats for remote ocean experiences, OceanGate undertakings, uncovered that one of their subs had evaporated in the Atlantic Sea in the wake of shipping vacationers to see the Titanic wreck.

OceanGate Endeavors was established by Stockton Rush in 2009. Rush is a business visionary and designer with a foundation in remote ocean innovation. He has an energy for sea investigation and a craving to make the remote ocean more open for logical examination and disclosure.

Rush has broad involvement with the submarine business and has chipped away at different remote ocean projects. Preceding establishing OceanGate Endeavors, he was associated with the improvement of cutting edge submarines, including planning and building monitored and automated vehicles for remote ocean investigation.

Rush’s vision for OceanGate Endeavors is to give a stage to researchers, specialists, and enthusiastic people to investigate and concentrate on the secrets of the profound sea. Through his authority, OceanGate Campaigns has worked with various sub plunges and teamed up with logical establishments to direct research and bring issues to light about the significance of sea preservation.