Who Is Takeoff Mom Edna Marshal? Family and Parents Ethnicity

Departure’s mother, Edna Marshall, was not his natural mother. In any case, she raised him as one of her own. The rapper’s dad deserted him quite early on, and it was Edna who dealt with him.

Departure was born to guardians in 1994 and experienced childhood in Lawrenceville, Georgia, with a fantasy about turning into a popular rapper sometime in the not so distant future.


Departure, with his uncle, Quavo, and cousin, Offset, set the music business ablaze with their hit tracks, MotorSport and Walk It Talk It, and the triplet affected advanced rap style.

Departure is the most youthful individual from the rap bunch Migos, and the threesome came into the public spotlight with their melody Versace in 2013. The three have been dubious figures lately with Departure in any event, having an instance of attack dropped against him in 2020.

The rapper, Departure, 28, was shot and killed at a Houston bowling alley with his musician Quavo with him when the occurrence occurred. As indicated by TMZ, five shots were heard, with police affirming that 40 to 50 individuals were at the area.

Who Is Departure Mother Edna Marshall?
Edna Marshall resembled a mother to the American rapper Departure. Edna brought up her child Quavo as well as raised the two different individuals from the American rap bunch Migos, Offset and Quavo.

Quavo is Departure’s uncle, while Offset is Quavo’s cousin. Edna Marshall brought every one of the three children up in a little house in rural Atlanta while the dads of each of the three stayed missing from their lives.

Growing up, the three individuals from the Migos would allude to Edna as “Mother,” and it is additionally yelled out in their tunes. Marshal filled in as a beautician and aided Departure and Quavo to have their particular medusa-like fears.

Frequently alluded to as Mom Huncho in 2020, Edna was gifted not one however two unbelievable Hermes Birkin sacks for her birthday by Quavo and an extraordinary birthday message by Kris Jenner.

Family and Guardians Nationality of Departure Departure was born to guardians of African-American nationality in 1994. The American rapper’s dad deserted him early in life, and he was raised by his auntie Edna Marshal.

Prior to ascending to distinction with his gathering Migos, they were a demonstration established in the family room. Quavo, the most established individual from the band and furthermore Departure’s uncle, was responsible for all the gathering exercises, with Departure being the most youthful.

The gathering rose to noticeable quality with the single Versace in 2013, which highlighted Drake. Furthermore, with their single, Awful and Boujee, the gathering took off to global achievement, however Departure was absent from the melody.

Out of the three individuals, Departure was the first to show interest in rap music, while the other two were in the middle of playing football. Furthermore, later, seeing his nephew’s ability, Quavo chose to deliver a mixtape while Departure was still in center young.

The couple was at first called Polo Club, with Offset later going along with them as he began investing more energy at Edna’s home. The triplet was endorsed to the record name Quality Control in 2013, with Gucci Mane perceiving their range of abilities.

Departure delivered his presentation solo collection in 2018, which appeared at no. 4 on Announcement 200, and barely a month ago, Quavo and Departure delivered their collection, Just Worked for Vastness Connections, which arrived at no. 7.

Is Departure Hitched? Spouse or Sweetheart Of The Migos Rapper
Departure was never hitched during his lifetime. The Migos rapper got his heartfelt life far from the public spotlight, yet a portion of his sentiments made the front pages of tabloids.

DreamDoll, the American rapper, was recently connected with Departure yet rushed to shush down the bits of gossip saying that she hadn’t even met the rapper beginning around 2017.

In 2017, Departure was connected with the pop symbol Katy Perry, yet the two never affirmed their relationship status. Departure and Katy had worked together on Perry’s record “Bon Appetit,” and bits of hearsay got through that the two had hit off.

However, soon Katy was again with her then here and there sweetheart Orlando Blossom, with whom she is currently drawn in and is pregnant with their subsequent youngster.

(l-r) Katy Perry performs (l-r) Katy Perry performs “Bon Appétit” with Quavo, Departure, and Offset from Migos in Studio 8H on May 20, 2017 ( Source : gettyimages )
A few sources revealed that Departure was involved with Liyah Jade, yet the two canceled their relationship in 2021. The most youthful individual from Migos had no youngsters.

Numerous VIPs, including Khloe Kardashian and AJ Tracey, took to their virtual entertainment handle to honor Departure after he was given external a bowling alley in Texas on Sunday.