Who Is Terrance Santistevan? Man Wanted For Double Homicide Arrested!


A 18-year-elderly person named Terrance Santistevan is captured from Pflugerville for charges connected with a crime.

A chilling occurrence occurred on Sunday in Casa Grande, Arizona, where two ladies were killed.


As revealed by ABC15, two ladies old enough 17 and 18 were shot ridiculously in an apartment building on Sunday night.

After the police showed up at the scene, they pursued their significant suspect with the assistance of the data got from the neighbors and local area individuals.

Presently the sources say that Terrance Santistevan is arrested for the charges as the case’s excellent suspect.

As things are, further examination is going through, and the charges are yet to be demonstrated.

Who Is Terrance Santistevan From Arizona? Terrance Santistevan from Arizona is a 18-year-old kid who is the great suspect in a crime.

He is a nearby resident of Arizona and is believed to be an understudy, yet the genuine subtleties are not known.

The officials just detailed the made capture and made certain to just reveal the name.

Some other realities, for example, his experience and everyday life are undisclosed fundamentally because of protection reasons.

However, those snippets of data are supposed to be uncovered once the real truth behind the event spills out.

Why Is Terrance Santistevan Arrested? Terrance Santistevan from Arizona is captured for the charges connecting with killing two ladies.

According to the sources, Terrance shot two ladies, a 17-year-old Danielle Murrieta and a 18-year-old Leslie Cota.

The episode occurred in a close by apartment building. After the shooting, the youngster ran away from the area and was situated around 18 miles north of Austin in Pflugerville, Texas.

Analysts worked together with different specialists, US Marshal Service, and the Pflugerville police office to rapidly follow the suspect.

Where Could Terrance Santistevan Now be? Terrance Santistevan is currently being kept in Travis County Jail, hanging tight for his removal.

The authority discharge expressed his current whereabouts and referenced further strategies.

He will be indicted and given a decision in view of the accessible proof, further characterizing his outcomes whenever demonstrated blameworthy. Further subtleties are normal as the case advances.