Who is Tiffanie Lucas? Kentucky mother charged for murdering her kids

A lady distinguished as Tiffanie Lucas, 32, was captured and accused of two charges of homicide
The terrible occasion happened in Shepherdsville, Kentucky
She is accused of shooting her two youngsters, ages six and nine, to death on Wednesday

A horrendous occasion happened in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, where Tiffanie Lucas, 32, a mother, was captured and accused of two charges of homicide.


At the point when reports of a discharge at the property with wounds were gotten at 11:07 a.m., the Bullitt Region Sheriff’s Office was told of the disturbing occurrence. As per WLKY, a stressed neighbor went into the home and found the children in a room canvassed in blood, with a firearm lying on the bed.

Because of their gunfire wounds, the two kids were shipped off Norton’s Youngsters’ Medical clinic in Louisville when cops showed up.

Who is Tiffanie Lucas?

Tiffanie Lucas is 32 years of age. She is accused of shooting her two kids, ages six and nine, to death on Wednesday morning inside their home.

Corresponding to the miserable episode that ended the existences of her two kids, Tiffanie Lucas, 32, is confronting two counts of homicide. A stressed neighbor got back home to find the children in a room in their Shepherdsville home, their bodies shrouded in blood, and a weapon on the bed.

The two children, ages six and nine, unfortunately died at Louisville’s Norton’s Youngsters’ Clinic from their injuries. Indeed, even after a medical procedure, by 2:50 p.m., authorities checked the overwhelming insight about their destruction.

Tiffanie Lucas was captured after the episode and accused of two charges of homicide. At 3:45 p.m., she was looked into the Bullitt Province Confinement Center.

“Yet again the examination is in its beginning phases and data opens up, it could be delivered,” the sheriff’s office said. As of this moment, it appears to be that everybody engaged with this occurrence has been found, and the area isn’t at serious risk.” Lucas’ arraignment hearing is set for this Thursday morning.

“It’s miserable, I really intend what’s this world come to for a mother to shoot her two youngsters like that,” neighbor Steve Steier said, communicating his pain. “It’s overwhelming, I mean as a mother I can’t envision feeling that is the main way,” said neighbor Amanda Mangis.