Who is Tommie Lee? Paula Abdul sunglasses controversy explained as Kilt Frames creator calls out singer

American unscripted tv star Tommie Lee got down on Paula Abdul for taking her thought for her shades line, Kilt Casings, and sending off it as her own.

On Wednesday, January 4, the 38-year-old character took to her Instagram stories to communicate her failure with Abdul’s new Signature Savvy Sound Glasses, which were sent off exactly the same day.

Posting a screen capture of Jon Cohen’s tweet, which discussed Abdul’s glasses being a “mix of style and tech,” Lee composed:

“I’m so disturbed you all saw me in the field for a really long time, making these edges. You all have seen direct work I have placed into @kiltframes. For this [Paula Abdul] to take my whole thought down to the look and everything is nauseating. This generally happens to us, I sincerely can’t trust this.”
Tommie Lee transferred a few posts on her Instagram Story, one of which likewise considered Paula Abdul a “genuine failure” for taking her thought.

All you really want to be aware of Tommie Lee and her issue with Paula Abdul

Born on June 19, 1987, Tommie Lee is a model, rapper, and socialite. She is the principal projected individual from seasons six and seven of Adoration and Hip Bounce: Atlanta.

Starting around 2003, she has been trapped in a few legitimate issues and has been captured no less than once consistently on charges of character extortion, shoplifting, confused lead, fraud, battery, and burglary. One of the occurrences likewise incorporates a period she seized a transport.

On an individual front, she recently dated Scrapp DeLeon. Lee likewise has two girl, Havali and Samaria, from her past connections. As indicated by Adoration and Hip Bounce being a fan, she brought forth one of her little girls while she was detained.

Concerning her problem with Paula Abdul, she took to her Instagram Story to communicate that she is “deterred” and “crushed,” since she has no individuals or emotionally supportive network to push her image.

“I made this, its somewhat absurd and it truly makes me need to say f**k it and return to the former me.”
Lee likewise posted a progression of recordings on her Instagram handle clearing up the circumstance for her devotees.

In the clasps, Lee expressed that she was working with an organization called FameCast to whom she presented her model, plan, and mark feline eye look that she needed to make. The organization made a plan where clients can talk from their perspectives, which have a Bluetooth capability accessible on them.

In any case, she uncovered that the organization went despite her good faith and offered the plan to Paula Abdul, who sent off the shades line with an alternate name. Lee expressed that some “uninformed individuals” were stunned to see it was hers and expressed that she had protected all that in her Kilt Edges.

She likewise considered Paula Abdul a “genuine washout” on her Instagram story.

As of composing, Paula Abdul has not answered any allegations made by Lee about her recently sent off shades line.

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