Who is Twitch streamer Konvy?

Twitch decoration Konvy was found on camera slapping one of the Islanders (Alex Venegas)
He likewise utilized the ‘N-word’ out loud during a livestream
Konvy is a 20-year-old decoration with more than 150,000 devotees on Twitch

Twitch decoration Konvy stood out as truly newsworthy after he was discovered on camera slapping one of the Little islanders (Alex Venegas) and utilizing the ‘N-word’ out loud during a livestream.

The show unfurled during a new force to be reckoned with get together highlighting Island Young men, N3on, Fousey, Jack Doherty, and Konvy. A battle broke out among the gathering, during which one of the Little islanders got slapped by Konvy. Fousey likewise got into a battle with YouTuber Jack. Recordings of the tumult were transferred via web-based entertainment where they became a web sensation.

Who is Konvy?

Konvy is a 20-year-old decoration with north of 150,000 supporters on Twitch. He is, these days, more dynamic on Kick, where he has a following of north of 21,000.

At that point, Konvy was available in an IRL stream communicated by an individual Kick decoration Rangesh “N3on” which was likewise gone to by The Little islanders, Franky and Alex Venegas. Konvy got into a warmed contention with the Islanders after they started singling out N3on. Both the makers started to compromise physical mischief by endeavoring to push or push one another.

Konvy said at a certain point, “Don’t contact me for sure, ni**a? What? What?” “Don’t contact me brother,” one of the Little islanders told Konvy, who proceeded to push him. The two began reviling at one another as their guardians attempted to contain what is going on and get them far from one another.

The twins then, at that point, attempted to go after Konvy and sooner or later Konvy slapped one of the Little islanders and he was pushed out of the house by the protectors.

The Islanders were both surprised, and were seen running behind Konvy. It hazy occurred straightaway.

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