Who Is Tyler Barriss? Serial Swatter Behind Andrew Finch Murder By SWAT


Tyler Barriss was a vagrant who was engaged with the smacking that ended the existence of a 28 years of age man Andrew Finch.

Barriss was famous for settling on deception decisions however his scam call turned monstrous when it guaranteed a man’s life in 2017. He did the fabrication approach the say of Viner however the call was viewed in a serious way by the Wichita Police.


Because of his deceitful call, the police made the move and shot Andrew when he was leaving his home. The shot was lethal and it ended the existence of Andrew.

Who Is Tyler Barriss? Tyler Barriss was a vagrant living in Los Angeles, California. He was known for settling on trick decisions and had criminal records for aggressive behavior at home and for conveying misleading bomb intimidations in LA County.

He was on the needed rundown of the specialists as he had announced counterfeit 30 bomb dangers. Additionally, he had charges of deceitfulness and provocation. He was gotten for his fabrication call that ended the existence of a man.

In a game Call of Duty: WWII, a question broke between the player Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill. During the question, Casey took steps to have Shane smacked and Share answered it by giving a misleading location.

The misleading location given by Shane had a place with Andrew Finch and he didn’t have the foggiest idea about any player. Casey requested that Tyler settle on the scam decision to smack out Shane.

Tyler obliged his solicitation and settled on the decision to the Wichita Police. Police answered the call and the cop Justin Rapp shot Andrew when he was leaving his home.

Where Could Tyler Barriss Now be? Tyler Barriss is currently in the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix, Arizona where he is serving for the wrongdoings he had led that ended the existence of an honest individual.

He was condemned to 20 years in jail in 2019 for fake crisis calls. He had confessed to a sum of 51 government charges connected with counterfeit calls and dangers. 20 years of life detainment is the longest discipline given to individuals in smacking cases.

Tyler felt regretful for his activity and apologized to the Flinch family for his activity. He will let out of jail on January 14, 2035.

Smacking Criminal Tyler Barriss’ Parents And Family Tyler Barriss is a maverick and vagrant and doesn’t have guardians or family. During the preliminary of Andrew’s demise, his closest companion, Federico depicted him as a recluse who tracked down solace in the gaming local area.

Because of his solace, he turned into a chronic swatter and Federico knew Tyler just on the web. Besides, Frederico, revelead that Tyler’s dad had died when he was youthful while his mom had deserted him.

His story has been highlighted in the new Netflix series called Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet. The principal episode called Death by SWAT centers around the Flinch’s demise and Tyler’s contribution through a trick call.