Who is Valerie Adams and How Tall is The New Zealand Olympic Athlete?

Valerie Adams is a resigned shot putter from New Zealand who remains at 193 cm (6 feet 4 inches). She is among her country’s best and observed Olympic competitors and thusly, it shocks no one that her name generally hits home at whatever point it’s referenced. Having an ideal physic for the game from an extremely youthful age, Valerie effectively participated in sports as a school young lady. Because of Actual Training educator in her school who upheld and directed her, she partook in the provincial junior sports day at 13 years old and crushed records.

Following quite a while of remaining focused on setting herself up for becoming wildly successful as a sportsperson, she in the end partook in the 2001 World Youth Titles and won.


While this was her most memorable significant triumph, it marked the start of a lot more wins and accomplishments for which her nation will constantly be pleased with her.

Valerie Adams was Born Quite a while back in New Zealand Valerie Kasanita Adams was born on the sixth of October, 1984, in Rotorua, New Zealand. Her dad, Sydney Adams, got comfortable New Zealand after dynamic help in the Regal Naval force. He had a sum of 18 kids with five ladies. Valerie Adams’ vocation began back in secondary school; her actual educationE educator had detected the gold existing in her and took an individual interest in outfitting it. However modest and ridiculed by her mates due to her level, this was the start of her significance.

Tragically for Valerie, a monstrous occurrence happened not long after she began her opposition at 14 years old.

Summary of Valerie Adams’ Biography

  • Full name: Dame Valerie Kasanita Adams
  • Date of birth: 6 October 1984
  • Place of birth: Rotorua, New Zealand
  • Age: 38 years
  • Nationality: New Zealand
  • Height: 195cm (6 ft 4 in)
  • Weight: 118kg (260 Ib)
  • Father: Sydney Adams
  • Mother: Lilika Ngauamo
  • Siblings: Lisa Adams, Steve Adams, Warren Adams
  • Husband: Gabriel Prince (married 2016); Bertrand Vili (married 2004 – 2010)
  • Occupation: Athlete
  • Net worth: $1 million (estimated)

Summary of Valerie Adams Medals

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Olympic Games Twice

  • 2008 Beijing
  • 2012 London

  • 2016 Rio de Janeiro

  • 2020 Tokyo
World Championships Four times

  • 2007 Osaka
  • 2009 Berlin
  • 2011 Daegu
  • 2013 Moscow

  • 2005 Helsinki
IAAF World Indoor Championships Four times

  • 2008 Valencia
  • Doha 2010
  • Istanbul 2012
  • Sopot 2014
  • Portland 2016
Nil Once

  • Portland 2016
Commonwealth Games Three times

  • Melbourne 2006
  • Delhi 2010
  • Glasgow 2014

  • Manchester 2002
  • Gold Coast 2018
World Cup / Continental Cup Two times

  • Athens 2006
  • Split 2010
Nil Nil
World Youth Championships Once

  • Debrecen 2001
Nil Nil

Her Togan mother, Lilika Ngauamo died of disease when she was 16 years old. You can envision what impact this will have on a youthful and promising teen.

It left her with a remarkable scar; however decimating, she had the option to get through to a protected handling, that is the reason we can all catch wind of her today.

She has won Various Decorations as a Shot Putter Valerie Adams is a competitor, a New Zealand Olympic shot puter. She’s an eminent competitor, who has won a few gold decorations.

She has won the Best on the planet for the fourth time and a four-time Indoor Title holder, among a few others.

This is the very thing Valerie has been doing since her most memorable contest at age 14 years, and she has kept at it. She’s a very rare example of ladies that has made a name for their nations.

In 1998, previous spear hurler, Kirsten Hellier chose to mentor Valerie. As her mentor, the two of them cooperated for the following 11 years. She became a force to be reckoned with after she came out on top for the World Youth Titles in 2001, with a toss of 16.87m. Valerie Adams has experienced a few testing circumstances in life that poor person deflected her from pushing forward.

Her most memorable Olympic Games in Athen was in 2004, not long after being worked on for a ruptured appendix. This she finished and got qualified into eighth spot.

Valerie Adams would proceed to be the premier sportswoman in New Zealand – winning gold decorations at District Games in 2006 and 2010 in Melbourne.

This brought recollections of her late mum, as she looked towards the sky and detected her mum grinning lower. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Valerie won the gold in olympic style sports, the second time for her country, starting around 1976. At the London Olympics in 2012, Valerie Adams won the silver award. Her presentation was an extraordinary one that got her elevated to the gold award. At the Late spring Olympics held in 2016, she completed second in the shot put with a distance of 20.42 meters, rivaling Michelle Carter.


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Notwithstanding, in July 2021 she won the Olympic Award, the fourth time at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She won a bronze decoration with an absolute best put of 19.62 meters. Up to this point, the competitor has dominated north of eight Olympic Matches. Much to her dismay that her potential which was found by her PE educator back in Secondary School planned to shake the universe of sports. Valerie Adams has contended in four Olympic games has Valerie Adams which are the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, London 2012, 2016 Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo 2020.

On the whole, she has won a sum of 4 Olympic awards; 2 gold awards (1 in Beijing 2008 and different in London 2012), 1 silver (2016 Rio de Janeiro), and 1 bronze (Tokyo 2020).

Beside Wining Decorations, Valerie Adams is additionally Breaking and Establishing Standards in Her Vocation Recounting the account of sports in New Zealand can’t be finished without referencing Valerie Adams. At the Olympic Games held in Tokyo, 1964, she put 19.29 m. This has never been accomplished in New Zealand by a lady.

She turned into the main lady to break the 19-meter obstruction. In January 2005 she won the honor of the Competitor of the Year by Sports New Zealand.

This came after her exhibition in the big showdown, that very year, with a toss of 19.62 meters. In 2009, Valerie won the Preeminent Halberg Grant for the third time.

Adams has been associated with so many Republic Games and has won gold awards, silver decorations, and, surprisingly, bronze awards for her country.

The shot puter as of now holds the District, New Zealand, Oceania, and equivalent Big showdown records, with a best toss of 21.24 meters. She has ascended in her vocation with extraordinary accomplishments that numerous female people and, surprisingly, her male partners are as yet battling to get together. Her life is a particularly rousing and propelling one you can copy.


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Rundown of Grants Valerie has Won

  • Laureus World Games Grant for Sportswoman of the Year: 2015 chosen one
  • IAAF World Competitor of the Year: 2014
  • Track and Field News Competitor of the Year: 2012, 2013
  • New Zealand Audience Power Rundown in Game: 2008, 2009
  • New Zealand Request of Legitimacy: 2017
  • New Zealand’s Sportswoman of the Year: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Halberg Grants – Incomparable Honor: 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Lonsdale Cup of the New Zealand Olympic Board of trustees: 2006, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014
  • How Valerie Adams’ Actual Ascribes (Level and Weight) Help Her Vocation
  • You may be pondering the chance of her accomplishments. Valerie Adams’ solidarity and physical make-up have been a significant contributing component to her vocation and extraordinary exhibitions. It resembles the Maker uncommonly blessed the whole family with additional level. In the event that you endeavor to contend with her level, “you’ll be no place found.” Hers is a body that could arrive at up the sky.

Adams, who is 6 ft 4 tall and weighs 118kg (260 Ib), has an astonishing serious demeanor and mental adequacy to perform well. Her level, which was derided by her companions back in secondary school, has made her a big name today. As a shot put champion, she has won numerous rivalries reliably all through her whole profession, all because of her level and strength.

Valerie Adams isn’t the main Olympic shot puter in her time. However, you can see that the volume of her accomplishments appears to talk stronger than that of her partners.

You probably knew about any semblance of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal who have effectively driven two ages of potential tennis champions, collectively.

You’ll likewise review Serena Williams who has won a ton however isn’t generally so predictable as Adams. She won the biggest individual honor in olympic style sports, in 2014.

The IAAF couldn’t contain the delight, they needed to declare her the female World Competitor of the Year. Until this point, she stays the main female expert hurler to win the ladies’ honor over the most recent thirty years. Her enormous height – weight, and level have turned out to be super beneficial than evil.


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Be that as it may, Valerie’s steady series of wins has negatively affected her physical make-up throughout the long term.

In the 2014 slow time of year, she was required to lead two medical procedures, one for her tossing elbow and the other for her left shoulder.

The VIP has accomplished everything reachable in the realm of sports and could also assemble every one of her prizes and awards home. Be that as it may, to the shock of everybody, Valerie has contaminated all chances to stop her vocation. Combined with two cesarean segments in birthing her children, she actually needs more wins for New Zealand.

Completely finishing Valerie Adams’ life and story, her’s has been a rousing and empowering one. It consequently implies that anything you put your energy into accomplish, with the perfect individuals and demeanor, you’re all set. What the brain can consider, it can accomplish. However significance can be in-born, one can likewise accomplish significance by being in the right climate and keeping the guidelines. Likewise, anything you’re supplied with ought to be for your potential benefit and that of your age, and not a place of pity.

Valerie Adams Vocation and Body Contrasted with Other Female Shot Puters In shot put, Valerie Adams positions among the best female shot puters on the planet and seeing why is simple.

Her profession records are surprising and a demonstration of how great she is in the game. With regards to her profession rewards, not very many ladies contrast with her, yet, when you analyze her actual qualities, to that of others, she overshadows quite a large number.

Going by the most recent outcomes and competitors positioning after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the best female shot puters as of now are Gong Lijiao, Saunders Raven, Valerie Adams, Dongmo Auriol, and Melody Jiayua. A correlation of Valerie’s level with a portion of these different ladies will let you know the amount of a monster she is.

Valerie Adams is Taller and Heavier than Gong Lijiao Gong Lijiao who arose as a gold medalist in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games with a distance through of 20.58 stands at a level of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs around 108kg or 238 lbs. Her level diminutive people her when she remains next to Valerie who towers at 6 feet 4 inches and is additionally heavier at 118kg or 260lbs.

Saunders Raven is More limited and Lighter than Valerie Saunders Raven, an American Olympic shot put competitor and plate hurler who likewise sparkled at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games remains at a level of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 108kg. She is both more limited and lighter when contrasted with the monumental Valerie who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and gauging a weighty 118kg or 260lbs.


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Auriol Dongmo Stands Extensively when Tall Contrasted with Valerie One of a handful of the internationally celebrated shot puters whose actual qualities put her extremely near Valerie Adams is this Cameroon-born Portuguese olympic style events competitor named Auriol Sally Dongmo Mekemnang; all the more prominently alluded to as Auriol Dongmo.

As far as level, she remains at a nice 6 feet or 1.83 meters while her body weight is given as 98kg or 216lbs. Contrasted with Valerie, Aurilo is as yet more limited by somewhere around 4 inches and heavier by something like 20kg, yet, she’s a rarity (who are great in the games) who will not be scared by level essentially when she stands near Valerie.

Auriol Dongmo’s sports profession has likewise seen her secure two or three decorations like gold in the 2011 Maputo and 2015 Brazzaville African Games, gold in the 2014 Marrakech and 2016 Durban African Titles, and furthermore one more gold in European Indoor Titles 2021 Toruń. She has a bronze decoration from the African Titles 2012 Porto Novo.

Without a doubt, contrasted with numerous female shot puters, Valerie is a goliath, and in any event, when contrasted with certain men, she actually stands apart remarkably tall and weighty. Clearly, to keep up with her body, she put in a great deal concerning dieting and exercise so she can continuously be at her best while performing.

Is Valerie Adams Connected with Steven Adams? Many inquiries flourish about who Steven Adams is and whether he is connected with Valerie Adams or do they simply bear the name unintentionally? In actuality, Steve is very much connected with Valerie, he is her stepbrother. The team are kin of a similar dad however an alternate mother.

Steven, who is a Public Ball (NBA) player, is the most youthful kin of Valerie. With regards to proficient ball, Steven Adams is one to be dealt with.

The basketballer is a New Zealand proficient player for Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA. He has been with the ball since school back in the Unified State. Steve Adams additionally has demonstrated histories of accomplishment and accomplishments very much like his sister, Valerie Adams. The whole family has tested the universe of game with their supplied constitution.