Who Is Vikram Raju? Colorado Speller Takes 2nd Place In Scripps National Spelling Bee

Vikram Raju of Aurora completed second in the current year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee. Everything boiled down to a spell-off, the first of its sort throughout the entire existence of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Every player has 90 seconds to precisely spell whatever number words as would be prudent.

Vikram, 12, appropriately spelled 15 words, and Harini Logan, 14, of San Antonio, Texas, accurately spelled 21 terms, giving her the Scripps National Spelling Bee champion for 2022.


After Boulder’s Zoe Keith, 14, and Tejas Raman, 12, were taken out of the opposition Wednesday during the elimination round adjusts, which contained north of 50 spellers out of the first 234 contestants from all through the country, Vikram was the main speller addressing Colorado in the finals.

Spelling Bee: Who Is Vikram Raju? Age and Wiki Explored Vikram Raju is a seventh-grader understudy at Aurora Quest K-8 who is supported by The Denver Post. His age is 12 years, and doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

He recently contended in the Scripps Bee in 2019 and 2021, setting 51st and 21st, separately. As per his profile on the honey bee’s site, Vikram appreciates playing b-ball and piano as well as spelling.

Raju outspelled in excess of 230 understudies from the nation over and brought back home $25,000. He retaliated tears as he vowed to return for one more opportunity one year from now.

Vikram Raju Parents’ Details The name of the guardians of Vikram Raju is Sandhya Ayyar. His dad’s name isn’t unveiled. Vikram likewise has a more youthful brother named Vedanth Raju. Raju’s enthusiasm for dialects, as well as his normal ability to spell, have effectively worked on his confidence and keep him grounded.

He has an enormous jargon of words from a scope of dialects, including German, French, Latin, Greek, and a large number of India’s neighborhood dialects, as a language devotee.

Raju’s mom, Sandhya Ayyar, remarked that her child’s ability flabbergasts individuals and that he was a characteristic speller since early on. Raju put first in quite a while first public spelling honey bee contest when he was in 3rd grade.

Where Could Vikram Raju From be? Identity And Nationality Vikram Raju was born and brought up in Colorado, United States. Be that as it may, his folks are of Indian beginning. His ethnicity is American. He has a place with Asian-American ethnic gathering.

In 2019, he won the local contest out of many contenders and proceeded to contend in the public competition in Maryland. Despite the fact that he didn’t return as an esteemed boss, he prized his time there and in a flash put his focus on 2020 and then some.