Who Is Vivian Jenna Wilson? Meet His Parents & Family

Vivian Jenna Wilson, the transsexual offspring of Elon Musk, an industry icon and financial backer, stood out as truly newsworthy for cutting binds with her dad.

Elon’s trans-little girl Vivian, 18, has recently dumped his name for her mum’s as she recorded a request in mid-April. Musk’s girl has supported to lawfully change her name. She would rather not be connected with her organic dad.


The appointed authority endorsed demands for Wilson: lawful difference in orientation from male to female and her last name, detailed in News24. Vivian will presently utilize her mom’s last name, the Canadian creator Justine Wilson, who wedded Musk between 2000 to 2008.

Who Is Vivian Jenna Wilson? She Cuts Ties With Her Father Vivian Jenna Wilson, the girl of Elon Musk, is presently not a Musk as she got supported by a California judge.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s grown-up little girl will change her name and orientation on her introduction to the world testament. In this way, she documented the appeal in os Angeles County Superior Court the day after she turned 18 in April.

Jenna, 18, detests her dad and likes to remove her last name from Musk to Wilson, her mom. Elon’s little girl, formal name Xavier Alexander Musk, distinguishes as female and will not interface with Musk any longer.

Vivian, one of the disputable very rich person Elon Musk’s seven youngsters, was born in 2004, revealed in The Sun. Elon declared his goal to decide in favor of the Republican Party before Jenna’s request.

Beforehand, Elon tweeted, Pronouns sucked on July 25, 2020. Afterward, he tweeted for trans on December 16, 2020. He upheld the trans bunch yet expressed that multitude of pronouns were a stylish bad dream.

Who Are Vivian Jenna Wilson’s Parents and Family? Vivian Jenna Wilson is the more established girl of Elon Musk and Justine Wilson, who separated in 2008.

The couple experienced while they were both learning at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. Jennifer Justin Wilson, otherwise called Justine, is a contemporary dream creator.

As revealed in Sportskeeda, Musk’s previous spouse is prestigious for her books, including Blood Angel, Uninvited, Lord of Bones, etc. Penguin Books distributed her most memorable novel, BloodAngel, in 2005.

Canadian-local Justin filled in as a Second Language educator in Canada. The couple got hitched in 2000 however finished in 2008. In a 2010 paper distributed in Marie Claire, Justine reviewed the main experienced second with Elon during their most memorable year of school.

As announced in People, they proceeded with their far-removed relationship after graduation in 1995. Elon kept on showing his adoration even after he had moved.

Then again, Pretoria-born Musk was the child of White South African guardians. The rich individual established SpaceX, an aviation producer, in 2002.

Other than being a financial specialist, Musk showed up in appearances in films like Iron Man 2 (2010) and Why Him? (2016), Men dressed in Black: International (2019), and Machete Kills (2013).

Vivian Jenna Wilson Siblings On Instagram Vivian Jenna Wilson could have posted photographs of her kin on her Instagram account.

Popfaction posted about Musk’s girl’s transition to change her name and orientation on its site. Jenna grew up close by her six kin, Griffin Musk, Nevada Alexander Musk, Exa Dark Sidereal, Damian Musk, X AE A-Xii, Kai Musk, and Saxon Musk.

She started her vocation early on and completed her tutoring in California. Jenna is known as the youngster of a popular American very rich person and CEO of Tesla, Inc. As of late, Wilson came into the spotlight after she recorded a request in the court.

Vivian appears to have no Instagram account at this point. She could like to live far away from virtual entertainment.