Who Is Wantirna College Teacher Azar Rahmatzadeh? Arrested For Assault


Azar Rahmatzadeh is an educator situated in Melbourne. She was utilized at Wantirna College until she pulled in legitimate consideration.

Her messages supposedly shipped off a minor male understudy referring to him as “attractive” and stating “love your guts” were found, which carried her to the official courtroom.


The people group is stunned at Azar’s activities and her inner voice as an instructor. In the mean time, further lawful systems are coming.

Who Is Azar Rahmatzadeh? Azar Rahmatzadeh has overwhelmingly acquired consideration as the sex guilty party instructor from Wantirna College in Melbourne.

Beside that, further subtleties of her life and works are not open right now.

Nix Olympia affirms that Azar is a 44-year-elderly person with veteran long stretches of involvement with the instructing field.

Everybody around her, including the entire school, is stunned over Azar’s supposed activities of being associated with a minor understudy.

The case is still being scrutinized while the local area requests additional responses from Azar and the school.

More On Wantirna College Teacher Azar Rahmatzadeh Arrested For Assault Azar Rahmatzadeh, the infamous Wantirna College educator, has been captured over the charges of attack.

The Herald Sun initially revealed the case and has affirmed that Azar was accused of sexual infiltration of a youngster under 16, attack, and one charge of providing liquor to a minor.

The instructor has likewise been blamed for physically manhandling the adolescent kid, whose character stays stowed away from public information.

The examiners presently can’t seem to reveal more insiders into the case and their discoveries.

Azar Rahmatzadeh Charges and Mugshots On Twitter Azar Rahmatzadeh’s case and her charges are presently moving on Twitter, while her authority mugshot is yet to be delivered.

The charged educator showed up in Melbourne court and was delivered on abandon Monday. Further examination aftereffects of the case are still on their way for public excusal.