Who is Wendy Jordan? Murder Timeline & Case Update


Young ladies were turning tracked down perished at a disturbing rate in and around Detroit in the early long periods of 2000. Agents considered the real danger of a chronic killer while they took care of the cases.

A lady’s to some extent dressed body was found in the freezing Rouge River in Dearborn Heights, west of Detroit, on January 2. Examiners precluded self destruction and conjectured that she was lost a scaffold.


Wear Riley, a previous Dearborn Heights PD criminal investigator sergeant, told “Wound Killers,” which airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Oxygen, that the aim was “to either hurt her, murder her, or discard her carcass.”

Photographs: Who is Wendy Jordan? Murder Timeline An after death assessment uncovered that the casualty had been choked on January 3. The assault unit was utilized. Wendy Jordan, 39, was distinguished by her fingerprints as a formerly been captured in lady Detroit on requesting charges. Not entirely set in stone to distinguish her aggressor.

During the cross examination, the executioner’s name was found to be John Eric Armstrong. James Hines, a Wayne County Sheriff’s Office investigator, contacted Armstrong’s hand and created DNA.

Armstrong confessed to getting the people in question, having sex with them, then, at that point, choking them with his hands or their leggings whenever he was captured.

Armstrong later confessed to killing Wendy Jordan. Specialists expressed, “He was curious about with the train lines yet.” “So he flung her body into the waterway over the extension railing.”

He then, at that point, confessed to killing whores while serving in the Navy. In Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong, he professed to have killed ladies. As indicated by the Seattle Times, he may have upwards of 20 casualties.

Where Could John Eric Armstrong Now be? Case Update The preliminary of Armstrong for the homicide of Wendy Jordan started in March 2001. A liable judgment was returned by the jury. He was given a lifelong incarceration without the chance of delivery. Kelly Hood’s homicide preliminary finished in one more life sentence.

For different violations, Armstrong confessed to second-degree murder and was condemned to 31 extra years in jail. Armstrong, 49, is as yet carrying out five life punishments at the Cotton Correctional Facility close to Jackson, Michigan, for first-and second-degree murder.

All that We Know About Wendy Jordan Husband And Family There isn’t a lot of data on Wendy’s significant other or family on the web yet. Up to this point, the police office has stayed quiet about every last bit of her own data.

Then again, her family should be crushed by her passing, and we wish her wonderful soul to find happiness in the hereafter. You may likewise watch Twisted Killers on Oxygen for more data about Wendy.