Who is Wilder Lucas? Married NYPD lieutenant allegedly sexually assaulted, threatened subordinate Ammy Ventura


More stunning Lucas is a 41-year-old lieutenant with NYPD’s property division
He has been blamed for physically attacking Anny Ventura-a non military personnel representative of the division
The charges were made in a claim recorded at the Manhattan High Court

More stunning Lucas, a wedded New York City Police Division (NYPD) lieutenant, has been blamed for physically attacking and compromising Anny Ventura, a non military personnel worker of NYPD, in another claim.


The claim guarantees that after an undertaking among Lucas and Ventura turned sour due to his forceful way of behaving, Lucas attempted to pressure Ventura into trios.

Who is More stunning Lucas? More stunning Lucas is a 41-year-0ld lieutenant with NYPD’s property division. He has been blamed for physically attacking a non military personnel representative of the division, and taking steps to toss her under the train in the event that she opened up to the world about the issue, as per a claim recorded at the Manhattan High Court.

“My client was treated with hatred as a sexual item, bothered, physically attacked, and had her life undermined over and over working by her boss who felt he could act without risk of punishment because of his situation,” lawyer John Scola, addressing Ventura, said in a proclamation to Fox News.

In 2021, Ventura and More stunning, both of whom were going through divorces then, at that point, started an undertaking holding over their comparative circumstance. The relationship took a heartfelt turn in the April of 2021, yet didn’t keep going long as in September 2021 they isolated. Be that as it may, the partition was not basic as, as indicated by the claim, Ventura confronted a few occasions of Luucas becoming “maddened”.

As per the claim, in May, the pair visited a shooting reach and afterward had a dinner at Popeyes during their date. During the ride back home, Lucas purportedly requested that Ventura perform oral sex on him while driving, however she declined.

This refusal infuriated Lucas, and he continued to criticize Ventura, advising her to hush up while she cried and dreaded for her wellbeing. The claim is loaded up with a few such occasions of infringement through the course of their relationship from April to September of 2021.