Who Is Yasmin Le Bon? Meet Simon Le Bon Wife, Kids Family And Net Worth

Le Bon has gotten three Ivor Novello Grants from the English Institute of Lyricists, Arrangers, and Creators, including the Extraordinary Commitment to English Music grant.

Yasmin wedded Duran’s Simon Le Bon in her old neighborhood of Oxford on December 27, 1985. She is a model who wedded at 21 and had her most memorable youngster at 24.


Yasmin Le Bon was born in the English area of Oxfordshire. Her Dad was of Persian family. As indicated by reports, he was a photographic artist and an instructor at Oxford Brookes College. Her mom’s name is Patricia, and she is English. Sister Nadreh favors this model.

Yasmin unfortunately lost her mom to bosom Disease in 2004. With regards to her Dad, he is moreover at this point not alive. Shockingly, little data in regards to her instructive history is accessible. We will refresh the data when it opens up in the media.

Saffron Le Bon was born in Britain on September 25, 1991, as the second offspring of well known guardians Yasmin Le Bon and Simon Le Bon.

Golden Le Bon, her senior sister, and Tallulah Le Bon, her more youthful sister, are her kin. They were both born in 1989 and 1994.

Saffron Le Bon, Yasmin Le Bon’s little girl, is in an affection relationship with her drawn out beau, Benjamin Compston.

The Le Bon two or three has been dating for a period and gives off an impression of being profoundly infatuated. Nonetheless, two or three doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be hitched right now.

Meanwhile, Saffron Le Bon’s senior sister has emulated their mom’s example and works in the displaying calling. Tallulah, her more youthful sister, functions as a booker at Models 1, their mom’s organization.

Tallulah functions as a booker at her displaying firm, Models 1. The most youthful, Le Bon, has not shared anything about her secondary school studies. Notwithstanding, as per what we know, she moved on from The Illustrious Attracting School 2021.

Simon John Charles Le Bon was the first-born child of Huguenot (a French Protestant ethnoreligious bunch) guardians, John and Ann-Marie Le Bon. David and Jonathan are his two more youthful kin.

His progenitors are Huguenots (a sixteenth century gathering of French Protestants), and Simon’s auntie accepts their ensign can be tracked down on the Huguenot sepulcher in Canterbury Church building.

He is the oldest of three brothers from a showbiz family; his grandma was one of the first Turner young ladies, his mom’s auntie once performed before the Sovereign with the well known Ziegfeld Imprudences, and his granddad was an individual from the renowned Ernest Read Ensemble.

He committed his opportunity to Show and singing as he became older. By age five, he showed up in ads for Persil washing powder, Coke, and a French espresso producer and modeling for knitwear designs in a ladies’ magazine.

Simon Le Bon’s total assets as of August 2021 is $70 million. His fabulous vocation as a performer and vocalist has been the fundamental wellspring of his huge fortune.

He amassed all his riches and notoriety as an individual from the massively effective musical gang Duran. He helped to establish the band Utopia with dear companions Nick Rhode and vocalist musician Stephen Duffy and later turned into the lead artist.

Duran attire is extremely famous among the band’s fans. Individuals should bring in cash through fan-following on the band’s YouTube channel and Instagram profile. For instance, the band’s assessed month to month YouTube income are $3.7K – $59K and $44.2K – $707.8K yearly.