Who is Yesenia Vega-Kitt? New York Pastry Chef slammed for anti-semitic remarks

Yesenia Vega-Kitt, proprietor of Gourmet expert Yess, faces reaction for against Semitic remarks, causing shock among New Yorkers
The hostile online entertainment post communicating a longing for “another Holocaust” has created a shaded area over her culinary vocation
In spite of her imaginative abilities and client-centered approach, the contention prompts reexamination of help for her business

Yesenia Vega-Kitt, proprietor of Culinary specialist Yess, a New York baked good and cake plan business, is under extreme investigation for offering hostile to Semitic comments. A new web-based entertainment present credited on Vega-Kitt has ignited shock, leaving New Yorkers scrutinizing the morals of supporting her culinary undertakings.


Yesenia Vega-Kitt’s standing is damaged by a significantly hostile online entertainment post that communicates an upsetting craving for “another Holocaust” with the chilling idea that specific people “can be managed in like manner.” The unforgivable remark, posted under the username “bkscakemaker,” has lighted a firestorm of analysis against the New York baked good cook.

Who is Yesenia Vega-Kitt?

Yesenia Vega-Kitt, as depicted on her site Culinary expert Yess, depicts herself as a self-trained cake cook who improved her abilities inside the business. She guarantees that in the wake of advancing broadly and getting preparing from top VIP baked good gourmet specialists in New York City, she rose to the job of Cake Cook at a prestigious eatery possessed by the Tao Gathering.

Portraying her methodology as liquid and client-centered, Culinary specialist Yess stresses imagination, extraordinary flavor mixes, and an eagerness to take on difficulties. Nonetheless, the new disclosure of her upsetting remarks has created a shaded area over her expert persona, inciting New Yorkers to reevaluate their help for her culinary undertakings.

The counter Semitic remark posted via web-based entertainment has set off far reaching judgment and calls for responsibility. New Yorkers, once attracted to Cook Yess for its special and tasty manifestations, presently wrestle with the moral problem of supporting a business related with such derisive manner of speaking. As the discussion unfurls, the more extensive culinary local area is left scrutinizing the obligations of experts in compelling positions.