Who kidnapped Amarianna Benavidez? Suspects arrested in kidnapping of missing San Antonio girl


On Monday, June 19, San Antonio specialists delivered a golden caution for Amarianna Benavidez, a 7-year-old young lady who was purportedly captured. She was most recently seen on the West Side of the city, close to the 5800 block of Northwest Circle 4100. On Tuesday, June 20, Benavidez was recuperated securely, and two ladies were captured directly following the grabbing.

Specialists didn’t didn’t examine the conditions of Amarianna Benavidez’ salvage.


Trigger admonition: This article concerns the seizing of a minor. Perusers’ watchfulness is encouraged. The ladies associated in the seizing with Amarianna Benavidez have been recognized as Nya O’Donnell, 21, and Nickie Garcia, 34, as revealed by KSAT. Authoritis have not delivered an expected intention behind the kidnapping. In any case, they affirmed that the two suspects were familiar with their 7-year-old casualty.

Before her vanishing, Amarianna Benavidez was last spotted at around 1 pm on Monday. In the police report, her family expressed that at the hour of the vanishing, she was wearing a pink shirt, purple shorts and no shoes.

The 7-year-old was depicted as being 70-pounds, 4 foot 3 inches, with earthy colored hair, earthy colored eyes, and a scar on her upper lip. While Benavidez has been found healthy, giving no indications of misuse, the SAPD Extraordinary Casualties Unit is as yet attempting to decide O’Donnel and Garcia’s thought processes in capturing the youngster. The Benavidez family has not yet remarked on the subtleties of the examination.

The Golden caution for Benavidez has authoritatively been ceased. Specialists referenced that they are still in the beginning phases of the examination, and that any leads from the public will be valued.

As per William McManus, the San Antonio Police Division has been moderately effective in managing missing people cases:

“The San Antonio Police Division has around 1,400 entered missing people cases and has cleared roughly 1,300 of them. 1,300 out of 1,400 is certainly not a terrible record. In any case, that forgets about significantly more there that are missing,” McManus said.
According to The Texas Division of Public Wellbeing Missing People, there were around 47,000 reports for someone who has gone missing in 2022. KSAT detailed that on May 25, specialists directed a cross country examination that prompted the recuperation of north of 160 youngsters.

Tim Anderson, Administrative Appointee for the U.S. Marshals Administration in San Antonio, remarked on the drive:

“The common age bunch that we were zeroing in on was that 12 to 13 up to 17 to 18 years of age until they age out of with the condition of being a kid.” As per Anderson, while a considerable lot of the kids were stole, others were wanderers. Nonetheless, he added that wanderers additionally become powerless against issues like kidnapping, chronic drug use, or posse action.