Who Killed Ebby Steppach? Dr Phil Case Update As Cause Of Death Still Remains A Mystery

Ebby Steppach’s case was examined in Dr. Phil’s show, ‘Inexplicable Homicide: Who Put Ebby Steppach in the Drainpipe?’ Her body was found in a drainpipe in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Dr. Phil use his foundation to point out the kidnapping and passing of 18-year-old Ebby Steppach in 2015, which overwhelmed public titles.


Who Killed Ebby Steppach? Ebby Steppach demise case has become more than seven long secret murder, and the executioners are never to be found.

Her passing’s secret has had an extraordinary effect on her loved ones, especially Laurie, Ebby’s mom.

Laurie, who has recently been with Dr. Phil two times, gets back to speak to general society to give any data they might have.

A confidential agent Catherine Townsend has been dealing with the situation for the beyond year and a half and feels the police are erroneous in calling Ebby’s passing a self destruction and that her executioner may as yet be gotten.

On May 24, 2018, police found skeleton stays in a seepage pipe close where Steppach’s car had been recuperated while directing one more pursuit of Chalamont Park.

The remaining parts of Steppach were subsequently recognized, while there have recently been broad looks for Steppach at Chalamont Park.

Margie Foley, a family companion, professed to have smelt decay while looking through the area and announced it to the specialists.

Dr. Phil Case Update On Reddit And Hopes Beamed To Bring Justice To Ebby Steppach
As indicated by the Social Media stream Reddit, the conversation on Ebby Steppach’s case on Dr. Phil has assisted the issue with pushing forward, and there are signs the specialists are moved by it.

One of the remarks read, “How could anybody, except if they were stowing away briefly, pull the sewer vent cover back on the top, particularly around evening time. That is crazy. Likewise, my sympathies to her family and companions.”

The show could put on Ebby’s fatherly grandma, who has never conversed with the media since she accepts the media has distorted her granddaughter’s story.

Ebby Jane Steppach was a 18-year-old senior at Little Rock Central High School, Arkansas. Steppach had recently gone to a non-public school, yet she went to a government funded school the next year.

She moved out of her family’s home toward the beginning of the school year to acquire freedom from her folks. She for the most part remained with her grandparents and companions.