Who Killed Jessie Blodgett? Teen Killed In Her Bed Dateline Episode


Jessie Blodgett, a skilled youngster was viewed as physically attacked and choked to death in her bed by her ex on July 15, 2013.

The subtleties of the homicide and the examinations were highlighted in an episode of the NBC TV unscripted TV drama Dateline: Secrets Uncovered. The episode was facilitated by Emmy-winning columnist Craig Melvin who took us through the baffling homicide of the high schooler, Jessie.


Jessie was found dead on her bed by her mom when she got back for lunch. The high schooler had gotten back at 12:30 am late night from a cast party. She had stowed the lead job locally theater creation of “Fiddler on the Roof”.

The mother of the dead called 911 wildly and the mysteries of the homicide were revealed in under four hours of examination.

Dateline: Jessie Blodgett Wikipedia-Who Killed The Teenager? The merciless homicide of Jessie by her ex turned companion was broadcasted on season 10 of Dateline as the episode “Companions Until Death” on June 22, 2022.

She appeared to be a piece vexed after the pool party and when her mom got some information about it she said that two of the men in their 40s had played with her during the party. She had likewise journaled about the episode that evening.

Before long the men were addressed by the Hartford Police Detectives yet no association was found among them and the homicide. the examination took an entirely different bearing when police looked into one more rough mob on Melissa Richards only a couple of days before the homicide.

Melissa was simply strolling around RichField Park on July 12 when Daniel Bartlet went after her with a blade. She gave the subtleties of the kid and the van he had been heading to the police.

It worked out that Daniel had been watching chronic executioners and obscene content online before he arranged the assault.

Bartlet was the ex of Blodgett and the two dated for quite a while during their secondary school days. The two split up prior to going to college and had stayed dear companions.

It was demonstrated that Bartlet had utilized a rope to choke Jessie subsequent to assaulting her. His DNA follows were tracked down on the fingernails and genital region of the departed.

Police likewise tracked down an oat box with ropes, tape, germ-killers, and ridiculous paper towels in a garbage bin that contained the DNA of both Bartlet and Jessie.

Despite the fact that plainly Bartlet had killed the young person, he didn’t give the specific justification for the homicide.

Jessie Blodgett Age Jessie was just 19 years old when she was fiercely attacked and killed by her companion.

She went to the Hartford Union High School where she had met her ex Daniel. They acted in school creations and shared a few normal interests in music.

Bartlet was 20 years of age when he killed his ex. The two of them went to the University of Wisconsin and chosen to remain companions even subsequent to separating. Bartlet later exited Steven’s Point Campus.

The executioner was condemned to life detainment after he was pronounced at real fault for the crime. Jessie Blodgett Family The homicide of the Wisconsin youngster came as a shock to her loved ones.

Blodgett was a music sweetheart and furthermore recorded a few tunes with Bartlet. She was very frank and adored by all. Jessie used to impart everything to her folks and her home was a customary spot for her companions.

She was the lone offspring of Buck and Joy Blodgett. They were devasted to find somebody who was a standard guest to their home killed their little girl.

“I can’t say that he’s absolutely detestable, however something turned out badly. I don’t have any idea what.”, Joy said according to the Oxygen True Crime.