Who Killed Pauline Hanna Of Auckland? 69 Years Old Man Arrested Making Husband Philip Not Guilty


Pauline Hanna was found dead in a home where she resided with her better half, Philip Polkinghorne. From the outset, Hanna’s better half was associated with having killed her, however presently, according to the most recent update, another man has been captured, and Pauline’s mate is currently guiltless.

Philip is a previous Auckland eye specialist who had an extramarital illicit relationship while wedded to his better half. After Hanna died, he left his post, left his $4 million family home, and started residing with his sister. After his better half’s demise, Polkinghorne expressed that their relationship was alright as well as awesome.


Who Killed Pauline Hanna Of Auckland? 69 Year Old Suspect Found Guilty The most recent reports explain that a 69-year-old suspect killed Pauline Hanna, whose name has not yet been referenced by specialists.

The suspect has been accused of Pauline Hanna’s homicide, 16 months after her passing. Police checked that a capture had been made regarding the demise that occurred on April 5, last year.

The respondent is planned to show up in Auckland District Court very soon. Before this suspect, the case was unexplained for over a year. More data is set to show up after the 69-year-old countenances court.

As per court records got by Stuff, the killer is likewise associated with having methamphetamine and a line.

Was Pauline Hanna Husband Philip Polkinghorne Under Suspect List? Before specialists captured the 69-year-elderly person for the homicide of Pauline Hanna, her better half, Philip Polkinghorne, was associated with her homicide.

Philip expressed not long after her passing that specialists were regarding him as a “individual of suspect.” He depicted his significant other as “remarkable” and her demise as “unrealistic.”

It has been accounted for that soon after Pauline’s demise, she employed an investigator before her passing. They talked with a large number of Philip’s accessories – including a masseuse and a hairdresser. She questioned that her significant other had been seeing someone a long while with an Australian escort.

In October, Madison Ashton, a Melbourne local, let Australian correspondents know that she met Philip in Sydney in 2011. Their expert association started with Pauline, yet it turned out to be more private in 2017.

She expressed that she was uninformed that Pauline and Philip were still seeing someone the hour of her demise.

Eulogy Of Pauline Hanna Death As The Auckland Murder Case Reaches A Verdict Pauline Hanna’s loved ones feel legitimized after the blameworthy individual gets found out. Many individuals have composed an eulogy about her, and one close individual to her expressed that finally, equity was given.

Polkinghorne, otherwise called Hanna, worked for the Counties Manukau District Health Board for a very long time before her passing. In a proclamation gave at that point, the DHB depicted Hanna as an exceptionally respected and popular staff part.

Pauline has had a few obligations since joining the DHB in 1998. She was generally as of late allocated to lead the Auckland area’s calculated production network exercises for COVID-19.